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Is LimeWire safe to have on my computer?

Asked by eschalz (3points) July 13th, 2007

My son downloaded it to my home PC and I have heard it can open your computer up to viruses, trojans, etc.

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i have been using limewire for over two years and i am still without a virus. But it is true that some files in limewire have trojans but most of them, are safe. Plus you can reallly easily tell if a file is infected or not by its name.

If your son is tech-savvy then in all likelihood your computer will be safe

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I would remove it and give your son an allowance on iTunes. You can set that up though the iTunes Store.

I do use P2P and Torrent searches to find media that is not available to me for purchase or viewing other wise.

P2P is plagued with fake files that can easily be downloaded in error and cause many problems on your PC. BitTorrent sites are considerable better in this department, but not entirely clean.

Being honest and purchasing media when you can is the cheapest character trait money can buy.

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I've been using limewire for ages. 3 or 4 years at least and I haven't ever had a problem. More recently there's been lots of bogus files...but they're easy to spot.

@extol Consumerism is not a character trait. iTunes bought media is hard to use [transfer etc] and it get's expensive fast. I've got a massive music library, if I had bought it all from iTunes, it would be so much smaller.

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I have used lime for many years without problems HOWEVER be aware of extreme XXX video content and some of it is not clearly labeled as such ... Ooopps! Good luck ;-)

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