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Does stressed out Obama deserve a golf game today, Aug 21?

Asked by Aster (19994points) August 21st, 2014

Just looking for yes or no opinions and, if you like, the reason for your opinion.

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Does it really matter that he’s playing a game of golf?

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Yes—he looks really tired.

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As long as tax payers aren’t paying the green fees , who cares!

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Poor man, he deserves whatever he can get given the crap he has taken during his terms.
Who the hell would ever want to be president anyway?
Let him play all the gold he wants, besides, some R&R with the media hounds always sniffing out your trail and constantly being under the microscope. I feel sorry for him quite frankly.

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Sure, why not?

What’s your objection?

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What objection? He acknowledged Foley’s beheading and that was decent of him. Did I express an objection?

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It’s kind of implied in the way the question is worded.

Why does someone have to be “deserving” of a golf game?

The choice of phrasing makes this anything but an innocuous query.

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I’d say he needs a golf game while getting a blowjob — daily.

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I just listened to his four minute talk on Foley from Martha’s Vineyard. Another well deserved vacation and yes vacations are usually earned.
My father always felt he earned his two week a year vacation after working from nine to five five days a week for many decades at the same company.

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Honestly, I’m not sure I understand what the purpose of this thread is. Is it to talk about vacations? Is it to say that the president doesn’t deserve one? Is it to say that he does deserve one?

Regardless the President of the United States is never actually on vacation. No matter where he goes or what he’s doing he has a mobile Oval Office with him and everything he needs to perform his job on hand at a moment’s notice.

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I don’t know. It seems like his priorities differ from mine drastically, but I’ll never know what it’s like to be president. I only judged his vacations because I have a predisposed hate for lavishness.

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He should take the Ryder Cup place of Tiger Woods, can’t be playing as bad as him.
Europe will kick their arse again regardless.

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@Darth_Algar ” No matter where he goes or what he’s doing he has a mobile Oval Office with him and everything he needs to perform his job is on hand at a moment’s notice.”
That’s good. Then he won’t need to return to Washington. Fore!

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Strictly speaking I don’t think the President is actually under any obligation to reside in Washington.

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^^^^^^^^^^ Strictly speaking I don’t think Obama is under any obligation to do anything. He can turn the White House into a Bed and Breakfast and move to Hawaii next week. He can conduct business from his pool.

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No, he doesn’t own the White House, so he can’t do anything with it. but yes, the President can, for the most part, pretty much conduct his business anywhere.

Unfortunately I’m still no closer to understanding what the point of this thread is (I doubt anyone else is ether).

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Yes, he does deserve a golf game day.

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The OP should explain what the issue is/was. Obama played golf after the speech about the beheading of the American captive, and expressing mourning while discussing ISIL. He is being criticized on many news media outlets for the golf game looking inappropriate after such a heinous act was committed and acknowledged.

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He’s probably the most stressed man in the country. He needs to relax.

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It’s a non-story. Any news agency that wants to run a critical piece on him for it has to preface it with this video.

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Regardless of your political beliefs, there is no denying that POTUS is a stressful job, and that every President we have ever had has been a person. People sometimes like to relax and unwind.

And given the bashing Obama has gotten, often for things that he had nothing to do with or due to lies spread by Fox and friends, I’d say he deserves an eight-ball, a case of tequila, and a wild weekend at the brothel of his choosing.

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No brothel. I like to keep my impression of this leader on pure terms. @jerv, I’m with you on the rest.

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Ok, this falls into the WTFC category.

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