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How does it move you when you see 25+ Harleys in a herd of rolling thunder, literally?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) August 21st, 2014

When you are on the road or even observing it as a pedestrian, and you hear the roar, then you see them, 25 or more Harleys in a pack; a literal herd of rolling thunder, how does that move you? Do you stop and look and take in the roar of the cycles and the riders zooming by, are you annoyed by all those pipes, do you just glance over and think ‘a bunch of motorcycles, eh…big deal’?

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If I think about them, it would probably be mild annoyance at the noise. Other than that, just my routine hoping that they stay alive, weaving through heavy traffic like that.

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I plug my ears. I really really hate motorcycle noise.

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“Haha, look at the old fat bald fucks with tiny penises, bless”

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I wish Godzilla was real, and would incinerate those arseholes with his atomic breath.

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I resist the urge to yell ”fags!” at them.

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“Right Clyde”

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Most Harleys sound like they are about to break down or blow up, so when I see that I think how long before the first one goes down then the second?

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I don’t know about a whole herd because I’ve never seen one but I loved the scene from Six Feet Under when Nate rides off alone on a Harley he has just unexpectedly been given, down an empty highway along the edge of the ocean, I watched that over and over again.

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I can see this is a tough crowd for Harley riders….

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I’m annoyed. Hell, I’d be annoyed if it was just one motorcycle. I can’t stand those loud ass things.

My neighbor has one and decided to take it to work everyday. That’d be fine, if he didn’t leave for work at 4AM. Asshole.

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