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How much have you changed physically over the last twenty years?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20074points) August 21st, 2014

If you were to look at a photo of yourself which was taken 20 years ago and one which was taken today, would there be striking differences? When I look at photos ( then and now ) of celebrities I often see no resemblance between his/her younger self and how he/she is today, a total stranger in some cases!

As for me, I like to think I haven’t changed dramatically. Of course I have put on a lot of weight since then, but there doesn’t seem to be a night and day difference other than the extra kilos. I am not saying that I haven’t aged a day, just not in a dramatic way.
Do you see major differences and big alterations or are you essentially the same?

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I got fat for about a year, I’ve lost that. I don’t have the abs that I did. I look about the same, as you do.

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Grew to about twice my size, developed hair and learned to walk.

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I gained a lot of weight and my boobs have submited to gravity. Sounds sexy, eh?

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I retain what you might call the almost classic profile, combined with skin so soft & peachy it puts a baby’s arse to shame.

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I lost 65 lbs on a low carb diet in the days when many people didn’t know what a carbohydrate was and so many people used to say “but fruit is good for you!” I then gained over 100 lbs and then lost it, thanks to weight loss surgery.

My hair color went from brown to highlighted to blonde, thanks to my colorist.

I broke two ankle bones and tore three ligaments in an auto accident, as a passenger, no thanks to the 15 year old who was learning to drive and cut us off. I still suffer ankle pain and swelling due to that accident.

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I weigh much less than I did 20 years ago. My mustache is grey, and my hair has grey in it, but overall I have been told I look younger than I did 20 years ago because of my fitness.

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A lot. I realized it when I saw my drivers license photo last year. I’m leaner than I was 10 years ago and my salt-and-pepper has pretty much turned to salt.

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I’ve grown over 1000x my size.

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20 years ago I was 6.

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Hair loss and what’s left is rapidly going grey, deeper lines etched into my face. Not much else to report.

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Weight gain would be the biggest difference. 20 years ago I hadn’t started coloring my hair yet, now I’m letting the color fade and grow out, and going grey. My skin has more fine lines and blotches on it, but fewer zits.

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20 years ago I was ambulant, physically independent and blonde, today I’m immobile, completely physically dependent and my hair is much darker, not by choice. You could say I am unrecognisable although my oldest friends would not agree.

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Forget twenty years ago.

I popped out two mini humans in the last (almost) five years. That’s changed my body more than the previous fifteen.

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I was 4 twenty years ago. I’ve gained a lot of weight since then…

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Not really, greyer and less hair but overall, thanks to my wife, the weight has not varied that much. I stay about as active and get around as well. The things that have changed are the internal ones that cannot be seen like the arthritis and other aches and pains.

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Twenty years ago I was twenty three and I had just given birth to my second son. I was in better shape those days. I was average weight and fit for most of my adult life until four years ago. I’ve gained twenty pounds on top of the twenty I still had to lose from the birth of my daughter ten years ago. I’m not happy with how I feel and how I look, but at least I’m enjoying the big mom boobs that I have now.

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@jonsblond does @Blondsjon enjoy them too or would he prefer the former incarnations?

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He’s more of an ass man, rojo. He wants Baby Got Back to be played at his funeral.

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Soooooo sad!

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HAHAHA!! Totally unrecogniseable. In the best possible way of course.

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