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Why are strapless wedding dresses so popular?

Asked by 58weddingdress (1points) August 21st, 2014

They look so boring and actually ugly. It looks like a towel that you wrap around after a shower or something. I think lace sleeves look so much more sophisticated and beautiful: http://58eveningdress.com/p_tulle-lace-chapel-train-spaghetti-straps-trumpet-wedding-dress-wd0702

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Let’s pretend that this isn’t spam, although it really is, of course.

The problem with sleeved dresses is that they cover up a woman’s shoulders, which are sometimes very attractive and shapely.

The example of the spam dress that you are pointing to, @58weddingdress is that those spaghetti straps really don’t do anything. They’re not wide enough or strong enough to provide any real support, and they can slip off or tear, depending on how well anchored they are.

Basically they’re there for decoration – only – and not for any structural reason. Frank Lloyd Wright would have a fit!.

One final note – the model used in your photo should see a chiropractor. There is definite scoliosis on her spine.

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