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Should I get a video game system (see details)

Asked by weeveeship (4584points) August 22nd, 2014

My Situation:
* Work regular hours.
* Have some free time at night (5 hours or so).
* Read/write a lot at work already, so not interested in doing more reading/writing when I get home.
* Live in quiet residential area, so not much nightlife here. Not a partier myself anyways.
* It gets dark quickly at night. Not too comfortable driving in dark, especially when it is raining.

Basically, I want an indoor activity that does not require too much effort and that allows me to just relax. Social interaction not an issue as I get plenty at work and with my family/friends.

In this circumstance, would getting a video game system be a good idea?

Follow up: If it is a good idea, I am debating between a Nintendo 3DS and a PS Vita/PSP. Only have Wii system right now. I like adventure games where you go on quests, solve puzzles, and collect power-ups/items/etc. Sports-related games also ok. Not too keen on shooters or fighting games.

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You should get a PC.
There are tons of dirt cheap Indie games on Steam.

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@ragingloli “There are tons of dirt cheap Indie games on Steam.”

Good Old Games ( as well (with the added bonus of being DRM-free).

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And with emulators, you can play games from really old consoles and game systems.
With a PC, you basically have access to almost the entirety of gaming history.

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No, buy a good quality PC. I honestly don’t understand the idea of a console anymore. Most AAA games are released on every platform as is and there are very few exclusives for consoles compared to PCs.

A few of my friends have put forth the argument of “Well, sometimes I really like just using a controller instead of a keyboard and mouse”
My response to that is to just get a wireless adapter for your PC. I bought one on eBay for 5$ and can wirelessly hook up 8 360 controllers to my computer without an issue.

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Some people simply prefer to make one investment every few years over continuously upgrading equipment.

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You can upgrade a PC every few years. You do not have to buy new ram or a new graphics card every month. Or evven every year.

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Maybe, but even the idea of doing so turns a lot of people off. With a console one purchase and you’re good for the life of the system. It’s convenient. People like convenience (not sure why this simple idea seems to still elude some folks).

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@Darth_Algar While I agree with your point, I would mention the fact that the “life of the system” is a lot shorter these days. Consoles seem to be built much less reliably than they used to, especially first-gen versions of consoles.

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The problem with the current consoles is that they are essentially obsolete on release.
They call them “next gen”, yet they are weaker than a mid-range PC.

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Yeah, you hear a lot about console failures, but there’s also the question of how people are treating their consoles. When you’ve got a device that needs airflow and you house it in a small enclosed space stacked with a half a dozen other devices all generating heat and having no airflow to dissipate that heat, don’t act surprised when the device overheats and fails.

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Not something most consumers are really going to care about honestly.

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@Darth_Algar FWIW I had 2 360s red ring on me. Both were in a cool basement in an open area. One was laying down, the other standing.

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I would suggest a PC for home entertainment. You buy a decent one now and you will not have to upgrade for ten years or more. You can also hook them to a TV via HDMI and play PC games with a controller. Ultimately a PC provides more value than a console. They also have the added benefit of being able to upgrade/change them whenever you want, and games don’t have to come though one source. (On console you are restricted to only licenced games. on PC you can buy games on Steam, GoG, etc… or get free games directly from that games website.)

BUT I do make an exception when it comes to the 3DS XL. The 3DS is a very awesome console that you can play anywhere. I’d suggest New Super Mario Bros 2, Zelda, Pokemon X or Y and the Donkey Kong game

Also, you stated you like adventure games… PC has an entire genre for that, that is mostly limited to PC. It’s the MMORPG genre. Google “World of Warcraft” “Everquest 2” “Wildstar” “Defiance”, “Star Wars: The Old Republic”. These are just a very small selection of MMOs. Each has its ups and downs. Most are either free to play or have a free trial. Almost all are adventure game style.

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