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What do you think of this Deepak Chopra BS generator?

Asked by LostInParadise (23617points) August 22nd, 2014

What is the best way to combat someone who speaks nonsense? Here is a site that takes the approach of randomly generating nonsense of the same variety. I just came across this site and want to share it. I think it is hilarious.

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I’ve seen that before and it is hilarious. Hilarious because it is so close to the real thing.

Only a lifeform of the dreamscape may bring forth this source of understanding.
(Just add the sitar accompaniment.)

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Is it true that Fox News bought the exclusive rights to this website and uses it before each newscast?

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Hahaha, I love that.

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People are fundamentally lazy. If it would take a lot of effort to understand or verify something, they’ll give it a pass based on fuzzy things like form and authoritative delivery. That’s even the case in technical disciplines.

Here’s one that generates computer science papers (one of these was actually accepted for publication in a non-peer reviewed publication).

Here’s one that you and I coauthored.

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@thorninmud – superb scholarship!!!

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I know, right?

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@thorninmud I recommend you avoid direct heuristics and go with the alternative – wearable methodologies. If you combine WM with fuzzy logic the result can keep you warm in winter.

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Sounds about right.

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I love it. I’ve bookmarked several bullshit generator pages, and I already had this one on my list. The computer science page from @thorninmud is new, though.

Here are some others you may enjoy:
Kanye West bullshit
Literary / Artistic bullshit
Bullshit Ipsum (I like this one, because you can specify number of paragraphs of bullshit to produce.)
Real Business bullshit Supposedly, these are examples caught in the wild.
Corporate bullshit
Postmodernism bullshit (This contains some of the same links above, but also includes a fantastic link to “Adolescent Poetry” that is to die for.)

And of course, there’s always Dr. Boil and his Celebrated Magazine. I don’t visit this site nearly often enough.

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