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Do you have any tips for someone changing jobs after more than ten years?

Asked by CuriosityKills (270points) August 22nd, 2014

I’m in a career that requires an advanced degree and special certifications and licensure, and have been at my current job for over ten years. I’m looking to transition to a different type of position within the field but I’m out of touch with the job transition formalities of today.

After being with the company for so long, I have four weeks’ vacation time, and in the past people were expected to give as much notice as they had in vacation allotment – is this still the case? Personally, I think that amount of time would be good for my current employer to arrange coverage and possibly hire a replacement for me. But would an employer wait that long for someone new to start?

I’m wondering if anyone else has been through the process recently (whether job seeker or hiring new staff) and would share some of their experiences, advice and tips with me, as well – especially if they are in a highly specialized career, like academics, health care, scientific research, etc. Thanks!!

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I always figured two weeks was adequate notice. I’ve known of guys that got a box as soon as the gave notice, and then hustled out of the office as fast as possible.

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Give your employer two weeks notice unless there is a standard for more in your industry. In some industries, you will be relieved of your duties immediately and escorted out of the building. It just depends.

Too long is too long.

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You can no longer expect to work past the moment you give notice.

I would use all but 2 weeks of my vacation, then put in for the final 2 weeks vacation and give notice. You will either have a 2 week vacation, then start the new job, or you’ll spend 2 weeks training your replacement then receive 2 weeks vacation pay as you train on your new job.

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My wife is in the health care field. According to her, two weeks is the norm for degreed individuals, those without seem to feel they can just not show up or just call and say “I quit”. We cannot help with the transition portion of your question, she has been with the same co. for over 20 years now and as I have been basically self employed for most of those years, I cannot say.

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