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I met a British person for the first time where I live, and it made me wish my city was more culturally diverse. What about your city?

Asked by rockfan (6933points) August 22nd, 2014

Is it culturally diverse?

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Memphis, TN, USA here. No, it’s not culturally diverse.

It’s been almost 30 years since living in Washington, DC, and that place is a plethora of cultural diversity. I still miss living there just for this reason. Where I worked, the employees were not only born in the US, but in Mexico, Peru, Ethiopia, Viet Nam, Cambodia, the Philippines and probably a few other countries. We had a blast working together and learning about each others’ cultures.

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My city is pretty diverse. It’s not that big but it has a pretty standard northeastern mix: people of Italian, Irish, Polish, Greek descent, a large African-American population, a significant Indian population, a growing Hispanic population and multinational companies like Dupont and Astra-Zeneca have a lot of foreign workers working or just coming and going, and I encounter a lot of immigrants from all over but, mostly, West Africa. . It’s the land of ten or twenty festivals: St. Anthony’s festival, and the Greek, Polish and Indian festivals and it’s one big Irish festival all the time. :-)

I really love the diversity plus it makes for some excellent eating, all the varieties of ethnic cuisine around here.

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I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, pretty impossible to get more diverse. I can’t even think of what we might be missing.

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@lillycoyote we even have a few of those! But they stay low….

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Yes! We have a very diverse area. In our own neighborhood, even! In our building we have Polish immigrant, Indian immigrants, Korean immigrants, one neighbor is from Africa, but we haven’t learned which country yet, African-Americans, a Chinese-American, and we are of European descent. There is a Latin-American family in the next building, and there is a Muslim family across the street. Within 5 miles we have just about every cuisine represented, too.

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Here in my own apartment complex, we have Mexican, Russian, Ethiopian, and Kenyan, and our building manager is Afghani. At work, I deal with Mexican, Cambodian, Laotian. And that’s just at home and work, never mind the rest of the city. Foodies have it easy here since the wide variety of foods we have here are made by people actually of that ethnicity; our Pho is made by Vietnamese, our Lumpia is hand-rolled by Filipinos, etcetera.

This is a stark contrast to where I lived 5 years ago that was 98.4% Caucasian.

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I live in Auckland, NZ, it is seriously multicultural.

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I’m in Southern California. Diversity is our middle name.

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Manchester UK, and yes it’s VERY diverse, probably more so than anywhere else in the UK. We have five Universities in the city, all of which attract foreign students. There are also a lot of residents from South and East Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China), Eastern Europe (Poland, Russia) and Ireland. I also run into a lot of Spanish guys in the gay village.

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I live I London. It’s pretty diverse here.

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I live in New York. You can’t get much more “cultural diverse” here.

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I live in a university town and we have a very diverse population but we are also in Texas which means furriners are viewed with suspicion. I wish there was a little more intercultural interaction.

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