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Best way to open video clips from my panasonic video camera?

Asked by zenzen (4057points) August 22nd, 2014

Seems the default programs won’t do it.

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More info needed.

1) what model camera?
2) what filetype is being uploaded? In other words, when you bring the clips to the PC, what is the suffix on the file name?

If you want a good, free, and excellent program to view videos, download VLC. It is free, open source, and very up-to-date. And powerful as well.

this link

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It’s a panasonic HDD SDR H60




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A couple of points.

1) It appears that MOI and MOD files are just derivatives of MPG files (see this ) and so simply renaming your files may be adequate.

2) See this is well. link It sounds as if all you need to do is rename the suffix and you’ve got it made.

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I think @elbanditoroso has nailed it, renaming could just do the trick.

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