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My lesbian girlfriend and my family?

Asked by newyorkgirl12 (129points) August 23rd, 2014 from iPhone

Help, I need some insight from the outside looking in. I will try to give the short version. My girlfriend of 4 yrs wants me to give up my family. I am in my early 40’s and my first girlfriend is the love of my life! Every thing is wonderful and we have a beautiful life together until my family comes up then it’s a day of arguments. I came out right away to my family it was hard for my parents at first but after a few months they came around. My siblings (4) seemed fine with it too. Over the years my family started to disrespect our relationship. My sister saw nothing wrong with being ruse to my partner over and over my other siblings don’t see anything wrong with it. They want us to just be quite and act as if nothing is wrong and still come around family gatherings. They want us around but want us to be quite. Just a few examples: my sister told my partner to shush as she was trying to eaves drop, my sister shot a rubber and at my partners head and laughed but denies it. My brother posted hurtful gay jokes on Facebook and my sisters think I should not be offended because it’s just a joke. I feel they are homophobic and they say they are not. They disrespect my relationship but all the heterosexual marriages amongst my siblings get treated with respect. At this point my girlfriend thinks I should write off my family and never see or speak to them again. I feel like that is not the answer and she shouldn’t want that for me. I feel like we should all sit down and demand respect and then if that doesn’t work by all means sorry family we can’t see you. I want to show my love respect and support but it’s sooo hard dealing with this. Ps I haven’t talked to one of my sisters in 2 years and now she’s pregnant. Any input would be appreciated!!

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