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Recommendations for hummus?

Asked by judyprays (1307points) July 8th, 2008

so far i can’t beat trader joe’s mediterranean smooth and creamy hummus and zankou chicken’s hummus.

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I caught my little brother eating dirt once, long, long ago. Curious, I tried a bit as well. Surprisingly, it tasted exactly like hummus.
I’m afraid I’m not a fan. I can recommend a good potting soil, though.

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If you have a food processor, make your own. It’s easy.

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a can of whole chick peas, rinsed and drained,
lemon juice,
olive oil,
maybe some garlic,
maybe some crushed red peppers or other pepper,
maybe some dill.

Dump them into a food processor and taste once in a while to make sure you like it. You can add whatever you want to it.

I like to present it in a bowl with a few olives on the side, a little pool of olive oil in the center and dusted with paprika for effect.

Cheap and quick. I can pull it off in under 5 min.

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I’m also a huge fan of TJ’s smooth mediterranean, but I think Sabra’s is superior. You should give it a try.

I’ve also made a lot of my own hummus, and while it can come out very delicious, I’ve haven’t been able to reproduce the high-end hummus feel. I think it has to do with my tahini. But yeah, Sabra’s it what your looking for.

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@Ben; get a recipe from your aunt who cooks. Hers’ is perfection.

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If you like the smoother hummus, stick to TJ’s. I prefer the courser Athenos hummus, particularly the roasted red pepper. I think the flavor is better. Give it a try!

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@ben, I have found that I can get the smoothness if I leave it in the food processor for a while. Maybe add some more olive oil.

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Wakim and Abraham’s are the best pre-packaged on the east coast. If you live in Brooklyn, you must go to Sahadi’s and get the spicy, not the regular. A-mazing!

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@ ben sabra is delicious, but i have only had it in israel and am skeptical because everything tastes better in israel.
@mygolden – will also definitely try. have you ever done this with other kinds of beans?
what is so special about garbanzo anyway?

would like to have a blind hummus test of all these. obviously Knotmyday will be the judge.

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Can’t say that I have tried it with any other kind of beans, but I have seen black bean hummus so it should work.

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Well, my eyes have been opened. It was the chickpea flavor that I detested so. With that, I withdraw judgment ‘til further varieties have been explored. Fully.

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I’m loving the Tribe Forty Spice hummus. Yum.

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@ knotmyday Are you sure it is the chickpea flavor. I personal think it is the cumin that have that “earthy” flavor.

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make your own; if you’re really into it you can buy dried chick peas & pre-soak them, etc. this will be better than canned. also the more garlic the better. also if it gets too thick don’t be afraid to add a little water to smooth it out.

but the key ingredients are chick peas, tahini, & olive oil…. & garlic. once you have this down to a science THEN you should start experimenting with olives or roasted peppers or dill or anything you like in hummus.

another interesting thing to do is to replace the chick peas with other legumes, such as lima beans, kidney beans, or even edamame. or you could (less successfully, in my experience) change the tahini for any kind of nut butter—usually cashew works the best because it is the creamiest & least strong-tasting; peanut butter just always tastes like peanut butter; almond butter is too solid.

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@jackson; edamame and cashew butter mushed to a paste? What a thought; alone, they are two of my favorite snacks..

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@jackson. wow. i must try edamame + cashew immediately. but i wonder… can this combo still be considered hummus?

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anagram “hummus” – um, mush.

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i mean, i would call it cashew-bean hummus.

also experimenting with difference spices (cumin, yes, paprika, yes; but coriander? dried mint? rosemary? !!) or different citrus (limes rather than lemon for instance. i don’t mean use clementines) in addition to legumes & nut butters can be fun.

@gailcalled ahahahahahahhhahahaha that’s delightful

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