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How do I overcome my anxiety from moving into social housing in Edmonton?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) August 23rd, 2014

I will be closer to my family and education. I will have 3 meals a day and supervision in case I get sick. If I stay where I am I have independence and one meal a day and I get to save some money, and I stay alone. I haven’t gotten in the housing yet their are only 21 apartments.

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What was the motivation for considering the move?

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@Adagio I want to be closer to educational options, like summer school and university classes. Also I am starving in Red Deer… I can’t afford breakfasts and I need to be in the mood to do anything , like cleaning my apartment and going shopping. I am lonely. Social housing would help the problems.

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It seems to me you have good reasons for moving, so where does your anxiety stem from do you think?

Incidentally, when you say social housing what exactly does that mean?

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I’m scared that it would be too much like living under a parents roof. Like being forced to do dishes or participate in social events that are for children. I love Dungeons and Dragons and I would be upset if I couldn’t play it in my own home. I don’t know how much private space I have and how much is shared. Also I would like to have a girlfriend one day.

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@Adagio Social housing is for at risk , potentially homeless people with mental illnesses. I am in social housing right now but I have more freedom and less help. My rent is reduced to $550 a month and I get left alone, other than a phone call twice a week. Also Edmonton is a bigger city and has more to offer than Red Deer which is 3rd biggest in Alberta.

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Can you get some more detailed information about what sort of conditions you would be living under, what would be expected of you and what would be allowed or disallowed?

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@Adagio They won’t tell me anything until my social worker and psychiatric nurse share my case history . IRIS Court Is all I have.

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I think I would find something like what you’ve got. If you don’t play well with others you’re going to hate it.

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@trailsillustrated Their is a 1% vacancy rate in Edmonton no room for anyone else. When university starts then the vacancy drops to around 0% . Also I get cranky when I am exhausted and forced to do chores on a dead line. I’m hoping that I would be living in a quiet adult apartment.

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You go guy gay ! !

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“They won’t tell me anything until my social worker and psychiatric nurse share my case history.”

Can you try to stay on top of that? Like as soon as the information becomes available, find out all you can?

It sounds like a good move to me. Have you ever seen Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?'s_hierarchy_of_needs Things need to be ok in the basic areas of your life. It’s the foundation you use to build the rest of your life.

It sounds like you’ll be better provided for and will spend time with other people during your day. That sounds like an improvement over the current situation. If things aren’t working out for you, sometimes the best way forward is to make a big change.

I would definitely make sure your social worker, etc. answer all of your important questions before you go. You could also ask if they can put you in touch with someone who lives there already, so you can ask them what it’s like.

Good luck. :)

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