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Will the Texas Rangers make it to the World Series?

Asked by honniemac (76points) July 8th, 2008 from iPhone
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Some might. I think some of the Rangers are pretty good friends with some of the Red Sox and Yankees players, and if they play their cards right they might score some tickets come October.

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The way it looks now, they might want to get friendly with the Rays.

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They’re like nine games back.

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Are you kidding? With teams like the Red Sox, Rays, and Angels ruling the AL, they stand no chance. They have a slim chance of making the playoffs, but nothing after that. As for the NL, I figure the Cubs and (hopefully) the Phillies will go far.

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But no, I do not think the Texas Rangers will make it to the World Series.

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Rangers are getting up there on the futility meter. First there’s the Cubs with about a century worth of series futility, followed by the two Texas teams, Astros and Rangers with a combined century worth of futility. Dismal! Bosox now being happily out of that competition.

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If they were only the Walker Texas Rangers, then they would be unstoppable…or just having Chuck would provide them with a flawless victory as well.

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Do the math:

No Pitching=No Playoffs

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Is David Dellucci still playing for the Texas Ranger?

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Please. Are we talking about the factual baseball team, or some fictional version you’ve created.

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The Phillies have absolutely no pitching, yet they are still in first place.

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@beast Well, the Phillies may be in first place in the NL East, but there are 3 teams in the NL Central with better records. In other words, eff the Phillies.

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@beast, the phillies bullpen leads the NL in ERA. They also pitch in a shoebox Citizens Bank Field. Not to bad for that park.

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@pattyb new rule: teams can’t complain ballparks they built.

@honniemac I got so excited ruffling phillie feathers I forgot my 2 cents on the Rangers. No, they won’t make it, but I thought there was a shot for them because of this stat: The last two times Buck left a team, that team (Yankees and Diamondbacks) won the world series the following year. Alas, wasn’t last year that year for the Rangers? Oh well… 2 out of 3 ain’t bad…

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