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How can I stay comfortable?

Asked by laura98 (191points) August 24th, 2014

So I have to take gym this upcoming year of high school. Luckily, at my school it is only required for half a year. However, I was given it second period, which means I have to last the rest of the day for six more periods feeling sweaty and gross.

I also have super curly, frizzy hair and I recently got it cut into a pixie and am growing it out. So it is an awkward, layered, almost bob that is practically impossible to style. So mostly I will just straighten it or give myself beach waves, clipping parts of it back so the front looks as long as the back.

Anyway, I am just searching for some sort of advice on what I can do to keep the sweat and exertion from making my hair a mess and how can I feel clean and comfortable for the rest of the day. I know it really isn’t a big problem, but I am a perfectionist when it comes to how I look.

I’m not vain, I’m just insecure about my appearance and this will just bother me even more if I know I look sweaty and gross. Any help or ideas would be wonderful. Thank you to anyone who answers!

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You can take a shower. Most school’s have a shower that you can use. Just bring a clean towel to dry your self off.

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We aren’t allowed to take showers. :/

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NO SHOWERS!?! Are they afraid they will spend too much on water? I would not allow my kid to take gym if the option of a shower was not available.

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Not allowed to take showers??? We were forced to take showers. To get naked in front of total strangers when our bodies were just beginning to change. It was horrifying. My hair was always wet and gross afterwards, because there were no hair dryers and no time to use one, even if we had one.

My advice is to use lots and lots of baby wipes for your armpits, feet, and private parts.

No idea of what to do with your hair. Just get used to the fact that you’re going to look less than your best during your tenure as a high school student.

You might be able to convince your parents to talk to school administrators to get you out of required gym class at school if you can prove that you go to a gym outside of school, which would be more useful in the long run anyway. High school gym class is like the hell of high school.

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Those Kleenex wipes for your body, spray shampoo and straighter wand for your hair.

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I second baby wipes as a solution and also suggest you keep a travel-size deodorant and baby powder in your bag or locker.

As for the hair (I also have very curly hair)... I’d probably stick my head in the bathroom sink, wet it, and quick dry with the hand blower or paper towels. It will be super frizzy, but at least you’ll get the sweat out.

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My daughter is not allowed to take a shower after gym class either, except the days they go swimming. I think the practice comes from too many complaints of advances from clasmates and teachers. Luckily, my daughter has gym last period this year. She can hop on the bus stinky, and shower at home. Last year was different.

* Have a wash cloth in your gym locker, make certain to rinse it thoroughly when you are done, and hang it in your locker,to dry, don’t leave it clumped on a shelf. Change it out for a fresh one often, if not every use.

* There are freshening wipes sold. You can use those, or baby wipes, whichever appeals to you most. wherever you use it, rinse with your cloth, so you don’t leave soap on your skin which will itch later.

* Of course, the big D. Apply your deoderant where you would expect, but also the small of your back, where quite a lot of sweat runs down to.

* Bring a fresh pair of panties to change into after. Maybe also fresh stockings or socks.

* body spray, and/or lotion.
sweet again, nobody will know.
You can rush through the steps rather quickly, and be fresh to face the rest of the day.

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Maybe you can put a headband around your hair in front to keep it off of your sweaty forehead. If you have some friends in the same situation, talk to them and ask what they do. Also, can you get an interim haircut that will keep your hair neater while you are growing it out?

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I can not believe they won’t let you take a shower. We had shower time built in to the hour.

Maybe they don’t plan on doing any actually PHYSICAL education. Maybe you’re just going to read about how to play basket ball and dodge ball.

It’s sad that you don’t like the idea of PE. I took it every single semester. I loved it.

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@Jonesn4burgers I think the practice comes from too many complaints of advances from clasmates and teachers.
It is a shame paranoia has left our young adults with no ability to freshen up after gym class. They ought to have showers for those who want it, they can either retrofit the gym to have private showers, or at least have them for students that sign a waiver.

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I agree it could be better handled, @Hypocrisy_Central.

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No showers are because of threats of lawsuits. They’re time consuming and super expensive. Much easier to say, “Sorry, we can’t oblige,” and leave it at that.

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I think going to school in sweats or shorts sounds awesome! Bring fresh clothes & do the hair clips, it’ll be fine.

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