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What is the thing you are really bad at?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (15796points) August 24th, 2014

As asked.

Can you be true to yourself and say what your weakness is?

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Math. I can barely add and subtract even though I took up to Geometry (got a D in Geometry and had to take Algebra twice) in school. I always did poorly in math, despite my hours and hours of study and attempts. I cried almost every night when it came down to my math homework. I feel like I’m missing some type of math gene.

I also don’t do computers or electronic gadgets. I just don’t have the aptitude for it. It’s a miracle that I’m able to turn on my computer and log into Fluther. I only use my cell phone for emergencies or to call when I’m going to be late. Just phone numbers that I type in. No smart phones here. Smart phones are not for dumb people (like me).

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I suck at emotions, screw it, that’s me.

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I’m bad at any sport requiring me to swing a racket, a bat, or a club.

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Hitting the hay guys, night.

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Surviving in the modern world.

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Handwriting and penmanship.

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Lying. I have no poker face.

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I’m bad at team work. I’m good at doing my own thing. I’m the lone wolf.

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I’m an inveterate procrastinator, which sometimes leads to problems with punctuality. I was even born three weeks late. I combat this by giving myself fake deadlines and setting my clock ahead. Most people have no idea that I have this problem, but it’s definitely a case of appearances being deceptive.

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I’m really bad at completing projects. I love to start, start, start… I always have ideas and always see something new I can do, but have a hell of a time finishing what I started. That last leg of the project is the most difficult, almost impossible, part for me.

I wish I could team up with a finisher.

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I’m a horrible brother. My sister has sacrificed so much to take care of me over the last 30 years and I barely do a thing for her. She just had a pretty major operation and when asked if I would go up for a few days to help her out I made up a ton of excuses like, “aggressive spam filter” to get out of it.

That sounds worse than it is. Other people were able to and did do the job. I was just her first choice.

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I’m horrible getting myself motivated to do things. Procrastination wooo ( @SavoirFaire heh I was born 2 weeks late.)

I’m horrible at following instructions when I don’t agree with them.

I’m also horribly unorganized (yet I know where most stuff is, organized chaos or something….)

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@El_Cadejo :: Sounds like you just use my mothod of assuming it is on the top layer.

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I’m a procrastinator.
I am awful with languages.
Can’t do algebra at all.
I have a terrible memory.
I often take on too much.
I’m too hard on myself.

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I’m not punctual at all, and I can be way too principled.

Also, I am afraid of public speaking – or any situation where I have to “entertain”. Even with my best friends, I prefer to meet up in groups. One-on-one, I feel pressured to keep talking. Weirdly, I have no trouble tutoring kids one-on-one.

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Oh, so many things, where to begin?

- Remembering names and phone numbers
– Cooking
– DIY repairs (lthough every once in a while I get lucky)
– Resisting impulse buying (though I’m VERY good at returning stuff)
– Mentally doing math
– Languages
– Marriage

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@Pachy. an elephant who can’t remember???!!! Dear me! I’m so terribly sorry.

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I procrastinate.

I have a lax attitude toward being on time for things.

I think about starting an exercise routine (walking around the track is the most likely thing I would do) and I procrastinate to the point where I have not yet started at all.

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Ah, @Jonesn4burgers, but I have very selective memory.

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IF someone is too needy, I see it as weakness & I stay away. Not always but if I’m not close to them.

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Evidently having a life. I get GA’s for telling you guys I’m going to bed. :)

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^ That’s not the problem. The trouble is…you not only noticed, but also commented! ;)

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@Adirondackwannabe, one of those was from me. I was pleased for you. I was in too much pain to sleep last night, but too sleepy to do anything constructive. Pleased I was that you needed rest, and were going to do just that.

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And I guess appreciating the gifts in my life too. I can sleep peacefully and I have my fluther friends. Thank you.

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Conversation (which is not all that different from dancing, come to think of it)
Confrontation (an especially difficult form of conversation)

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Standing up for myself and putting people in their place when they are wrong. I usually shut up and sit there like a wet chicken or go out of control and lose my temper lashing out at the wrong people!

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any and every Sport invented by man.

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I was going to say procrastination but realized that I am not “bad”, I am actually pretty good at it.

Social interaction would be my major shortcoming. I am not a good conversationalist.

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Restraining myself from editing other people’s writings. I need to be tied to the mast, all the time. It’s a chronic and debilitating disease, it is.

I too am terrible at small talk in large social gatherings, particularly where there is music I have to shout over.

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So, so many things.

1. Anything that involves catching or hitting something. I’m blind in one eye so I have no 3d special perception. So I am useless at tennis, squash, football and any other sport involving a ball, puck or other flying object.

2. Languages. I love language, I find it completely fascinating and I can spend hours reading a foreign language dictionary just for fun. But I am so hopeless at memorising vocabulary that learning a second language is impossible for me.

3. Cooking. I utterly hate cooking, and I don’t have the patience to learn to be any good at it.

4. Playing any musical instrument. I seem to lack the motor control required to co-ordinate my fingers to do the right thing. I learned guitar for a year and was no better at the end than I was a week after I started. I can’t master doing different things with each hand, or doing something with my hands while I’m doing something else (singing) with my mouth. I can’t touch-type either, for the same reason (but I’m a damn fast two-finger typist).

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Lawdy me, I had a hard time thinking of something until I read through the answers.

Remembering names/numbers
Dealing with weakness

Thanks, all.
Now I’m depressed!~

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