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Where CAN I smoke marijuana?

Asked by Jonesn4burgers (7191points) August 25th, 2014

Marijuana has been the topic of much discussion, debate, legislation, and news reporting.
I’m looking for a full view worldwide where it is legal to possess and use marijuana. Fill in a map for me if you will.
This is a role call, I want to hear from everybody. Is it legal where you are? Where I am it is not legal. What states, cities, countries, provinces, villages are legal?
If it is legal in your area, do you?

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Need more information about how you define “legal”.

In about 15 US states, it’s illegal for the average person, but it’s OK if you have a prescription and its for medical use.

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Illegal here. Working on it.

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Legal to grow and use medically in CA. with proper licensing. Not that this has ever stopped anyone.
CA. may be known as the Golden State but it’s infamous for it’s greenery. Tons of marijuana farms all over the state with NorCal, my area and the Humboldt regions being longtime growing hot spots.

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I’m not asking permission. I am asking information.

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Well, not Kansas! We’re lucky we can even drink here.

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In parts of Germany. While it is not officially legal to posses and use marijuana, the police does not have to press charges if they catch you with 6g or less.

However…that’s most of Germany, not all of it. Also, if you’re caught repeatedly, you may get in trouble after all.

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@longgone, the one and only real answer here.
@Dutchess_III , Denver is such a lovely drive.
@RocketGuy , are you asking, or answering?

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@elbanditoroso, define legal? Seriously? All substances requiring a prescription to obtain/use are illegal, but permissible only with a doctor’s scrip. I didn’t ask illegal but permissible, I asked where is it legal. I was clear. Have another cup of coffee. :- )

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In Colorado it is legal (by state law) for anyone over 21 to consume marijuana. There are legally licensed shops and grow operations, and there are still clinics where one can purchase it for medical uses, although many of these are converting to retail outlets. It is still technically a federal offense to use, possess, grow or sell marijuana, but the Feds seem to have stopped prosecuting individuals and companies that received the state licensing under the law.

It is not legal to smoke in public, as in a park, but you can smoke at home (including on your front porch) with no problem.

And it is definitely not legal to take it across the state line into neighboring states!

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@Yetanotheruser , very good information. Thankyou.

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The recreational use of weed is also legal in Washington state, so my guess is that most or all of what @Yetanotheruser has said about CO also applies there.

Here’s a legality of cannabis by country list. < I thought it was legalized in Uruguay and it’s weird that it’s legal in “freedom-loving” North Korea. ;-o

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It’s legal in the Netherlands but only as long as you live there. Visitors are no longer allowed to indulge. I suspect it will be legal in the UK before long too; the police tend to turn a blind eye to anyone smoking a joint (though they’ll come down on you like a ton of bricks if you try to sell it).

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It’s sort-of legal in Colorado, as @Yetanotheruser said. To add to his post:

There are different grades of marijuana in Colorado- A being the most potent, B less potent, C even less potent, D the least potent. The retail outlets, to my understanding, can not sell any A or B grade marijuana- only the prescription outlets can. My non-Colorado friends seem to have this fantasy that we can buy it at 7–11 or anywhere… nope.

If you go into a liquor store, there aren’t uniformed officers checking driver’s licenses, but in many retail outlets here, yes, there is a mall-cop style guard at the door. Also, in many stores, you have to take a number and wait to be taken into a separate back room. It has a very different vibe than buying a six-pack of beer.

There are also different active ingredients in marijuana and medical stores will show the different percentages of specific ingredients because each ingredient has a different impact/purpose. Retail outlets aren’t that specific.

However, on college campuses, including the famous pot-school, CU-Boulder, pot is explicitly, overtly and expressly BANNED because the colleges receive federal funds, including those in student loans, making college campuses, essentially, federal zones. There’s zero tolerance for being caught with pot on campuses. Want to light up, go off campus and don’t be caught with it on your person on campus.

It’s legal, with a big ‘but….’

I’m not a user, but have friends who do use. After it became legal, I was surprised how much my attitude changed—I still don’t use, but I get really annoyed when I see pot busts on TV in other states now. It just seems ridiculous to arrest small time users, not to mention how much it is a waste of time, resources and taxpayer’s money.

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Legal for 21+ here in WA.

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If you get caught here in Florida, you’re dead. There aren’t many cops around at night, though.

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Its a grey area here I think. I don’t know what would happen if you got caught probably nothing. Everybody smokes it anyway, the most I have heard is the police took it off of them.

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Swear to gawd! If I asked where I could get a fresh drink of water, I would get responses about how many glasses I should drink, advice for buying nice juice glasses, and maybe one actual answer to my question. I don’t want permission, or growing instructions, or what places will let me get away with smoking pot. I care about the statistic of what locations, worldwide can someone legally posses and use marijuana.

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[Mod Says] The question is in the General Section, so responses must relate to the OP’s request to list places where marijuana possession and consumption are legal.

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IN Missouri it’s illegal.

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In NZ cannabis is illegal, it’s illegal to grow, possess, sell or smoke it. It is possible, although not at all easy, to get cannabis medication with a very low THC content, I don’t know anyone who does though.

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When I was in Barcelona, Spain I went to the beach and everywhere was maryjane smell. So the system is the following: you join somewhat like a coffee shop where you pay for the membership. In your membership info it says that you pay for electricity and video games and drinks and so on and to their guests they give marijuana as treats. This makes them not drugdealers but just hospitable stuff. You get also somewhat like a license with this membership that says you can legally smoke inside of this club. However there are tons of people smoking right at the beach so I think that police or guards don’t pay that much attention to that.

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@travisgrrr Wow! That is really cool info! I never heard of it being handled that way. Thankyou so much for sharing!

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@Jonesn4burgers you welcome, I also was very surprised when I found out about this system.

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You can legally smoke it in Amsterdam. There are pot cafes there.

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^ Not as a foreigner you can’t. They changed that about a year ago.

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