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Why do boys go swimming wearing shirts?

Asked by 2TFX (435points) August 25th, 2014

I like feeling the water and warm sun on my chest at the beach, I use sunscreen but I see more boys in shirts and girls in bikini. Boys are showing less than girls now! Is this a trend?

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What happened to the last time you asked this question?

To avoid a sunburn.
A history of skin cancer.
Don’t want more freckles.
To protect a tattoo from fading.
Body image issues.
To hide a scar.
They’re on the “shirts” team.
Don’t like the feel of sand.
Protection from jellies.

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Usually to avoid a sunburn.

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@syz We aren’t a threat to them!

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^ Huh?

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Déjà vu

My daughter and my boys wear UPF swimming shirts to the beach.

Why are you interested in boys/men exposing themselves more to the sun? And are you somewhat concerned that only males are allowed to go topless? Do you feel ok that you are engaging in an activity – without question – that only half the population can engage in?

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Last time I went swimming I wanted long johns, a shirt, and a coat. I always just wear my trunks.

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