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In your opinion, what are some current music artists that have mainstream success, but also artistic integrity?

Asked by rockfan (6941points) August 25th, 2014

Much like The Beatles did in the 60’s?

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David Gray comes to mind. He recorded White Ladder at home by himself, and published it himself.

Tom Petty also comes to mind. He was in litigation over control of his own product for years, and has also made and recorded songs (such as The Last DJ) about the corruption of money in the music business.

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@zenvelo I knew Tom Petty’s first mother in law for a long time. There was also a terrible housefire, of an iconic house they lived in that burnt to the ground. It was a long legal thing too.

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Damon Albarn
Brian Eno
Jack White
Nick Cave
Patti Smith
Les Claypool
Thom Yorke
DJ Shadow
David Byrne
Nine Inch Nails

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Josh Homme and Dave Grohl.

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Another vote for Prince.

Sarah McLachlan
Green Day

My daughter swears that 5 Seconds of Summer has artistic integrity—they do all the writing and composing themselves.

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