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How to organize binders for a block schedule?

Asked by tianalovesyou (711points) August 26th, 2014

I am currently starting my third year of high school. I have a block schedule which means that I have 6 classes. Mondays and Wednesdays I have classes 1, 2, and 3. Tuesdays and Thursdays I have classes 4, 5, and 6. And on Fridays I have all of my classes. Is there a system of organization I could use for this? I feel like it would be very heavy to bring all of my binders on Friday. Thank you!

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If you don’t need your past notes in class, you can use looseleaf binders. Each day, carry one binder around in which you take all your notes, then transfer the notes into separate binders for each class when you get home. That way, your notes are still sequential, and you don’t have to carry everything all the time.

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This being the “Digital Age”, I would think it way easier then back in the day. Solutions for you I would suggest:
• Use a Dictaphone to record note you can later glean through and write the most important stuff down.
• If you can use a laptop, notebook, etc. write out the notes in hardcopy then put then in a file or a spread sheet in the machine.
• If you have access to a computer through school but do not have your own, do as above but save it to a USB drive.
• If all else fails you can use some of those inserts for a loose leave notebook and have one dedicated to each class, and a digest one for Fridays with the most important or pertinent notes.

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Do you have any locker breaks? Do you need a binder for each class? What came to my mind first was having one binder for periods 1–3, and another for 4–6. Hopefully you can get a break to go to your locker midday on Friday.

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That’s different than the block schedule that I got. What I got is 4 classes one semester and four more next semester. Experience little because I only had to do it my senior year. Just carry two binder; one with 1–3 separated by tabs and the same with 4–6.

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I like @dappled_leaves answer and did something similar. I use the time when I transferred my notes from the paper binders to the big binder as an opportunity to go over my notes as I put them in, kind of like an additional study period.

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You don’t take all the classes at one time on Friday. Just bring the binder appropriate for the class you are in. Don’t you get time between classes to get stuff from your locker?

You could have six binders, one for each class, and bring what makes sense for the first part of your day Friday and then at lunch grab the other group of binders.

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@JLeslie I know of some schools where you only have certain times during the day to go to your locker. It’s also not always easy to. Junior year my locker was on the end of the third floor, so I never had time to go to it.

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^ That and, also, not all schools everywhere have lockers – we don’t know that the OP is in the US.

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@dxs I would assume that there is no rule against having more than two binders. She also could have one big binder and every month purge it or start a new one if it gets tight assuming she doesn’t look at work from weeks before except for a final exam. We need the OP to tell is the locker situation. I could go to my locker any time if I could make it to class. Sometimes my classes were too far from my locker so I carried my books for two classes. I personally prefer having a different notebook for each class, but it depends on the workload.

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thank you! and I have no locker or anywhere to store things during school.

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I can’t imagine not having a locker. Do you change classes, or do the teachers come to your classroom?

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