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You are not authorized to call this number by your account holder?

Asked by AshlynM (10094points) August 26th, 2014

I looked online on the carrier website but there are zero blocked numbers under my account, so not sure why I can’t call that number.
None of my other contacts give me this error. Any ideas?

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Call your service provider. This is something they need to help you with.

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Is it a number you know? There is a scam going around where off shore operations call phones randomly. If the owner picks up, they hang up. If the owner does not answer and happens to see the number in the missed call list some people are tempted to call it back. If they do, they are charged $5 or $10 for the call and additional time for every minute they are connected!
Some of the phone companies are finally trying to protect users from this practice- even though they make money on the call.

Here is a write up on the One ring call back scam .

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@LuckyGuy makes good points. You’re not giving details on what kind of number it is.

Is it a friend? A company? A number you know to be a good number or a number you’re calling back because they called you?

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If you are curious you can look up the number at whocallsme and see if others have the same issue. While there, mention that you got a call too so you can help the next person. .

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If people call me at home or cell and don’t leave a message, they don’t get a call back.

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I, too, ignore calls where people do not leave a message. There are too many phone spammers.

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Are you the account holder?

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@AshlynM Who is your “Carrier”? ?

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When I try to any other number NOT in my contacts, I do not get this error, I can make calls freely. It’s only that number. It’s an individual I’m trying to call with the same area code as me.

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I’m with Sprint and I am not the main account holder but he is able call this number from his phone no problems. So the number isn’t blocked.

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Yep. Either you- or he needs to call Sprint. Maybe they’ll talk to you, but for sure they’ll talk to him.

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Has he, the account holder, looked at his settings? Does he have the option to block a number or category of number for additional phones on his account by not himself?

And just curious… but what happens when he calls the number? Who or what called you?

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