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How do i stop someone from slandering me on facebook?

Asked by steve67 (1points) August 27th, 2014

I have a sister who continues to slander me on facebook. She said I beat up an 83 year old man in a wheelchair, which is not true. She also says I want to have sexual relations with her, not true. She want me to get arrested and stay in jail for any reason she can come up with. She says I’m retaliating against her and the other people.she got involved with her to do whatever it is she’s doing. She says I’ve come to her house in the middle of the night and wrecked her yard. Also not true.. What can I do to make her stop? I don’t want to press charges cause she’s family, but I feel like I have no choice. Can someone please help?

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You can report the posts to FB by clicking on the downward arrow in the upper right hand corner of each post. There will be something that indicates “report to FB” and then you follow the clicks to report it.

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In addition to what jca said, I’d say place her on ignore and do not have any contact with her in any way shape or form. People like that are after attention and the fact that you created this thread means you are complying with what she wants.

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