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When was the last time you were wrong?

Asked by hominid (7357points) August 27th, 2014

I’m not necessarily referring to a time when you realized that your deeply-held beliefs or positions were wrong. Rather, when was the last time you resisted something only to realize that you had been wrong in doing so?

For example, I’m currently working from home with my puppy sitting right next to me (almost on my lap). The arguments for years against getting a dog all seem to have been wrong. Well, actually, they might not have been technically wrong – they just don’t seem to matter. The truth is, my wife and kids were correct. Getting the dog was the right thing to do – for everyone.

Have you ever moved, changed careers, had kids, didn’t have kids, or made some life decision that you had originally been set against – but now you realize that you had been wrong?

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I was wrong when I thought my older son shouldn’t change his major from literature to computer science. Luckily, I didn’t resist his switch – it was obviously his decision to make – and now he works for Google in Paris.

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What is this thing called “wrong?”

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I Was wrong here the other day by taking a joke seriously & saying something not so nice to a friend. My temper sucks.

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In the context the OP put it – never.

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Even though I can’t see the truth, I’m sure that I’m wrong about many things, concepts and ideas. I think this because I have offered factual truth to some people and they refuse to see or admit that they are wrong. I’m no better than anyone therefore I must be wrong about a lot in this world.

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When I told my daughter, emphatically, that I would not be able to take care of her cat. Now I even decorate around his needs.

For example

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Tonight. I thought my friends and family could recommend a restaurant since they’ve been to Chicago several times (some even live in Chicago), but I’m still waiting for help and my trip is in 36 hours. (but they have no problem finding time to dump water on their head and post a video to fb) They can’t take 10 seconds to type the name of a restaurant?

It looks like Google will have to be my hero. I’m on my own.

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Yesterday evening when I stopped by my neighbor’s house after work and left a gift basket on her patio table. It had a tee shirt, a hand blown glass window sun-catcher and a card with a check I was giving her for feeding my pets last week when I was away. I left said basket out on table thinking it wasn’t going to rain. Within an hour there was thunder and it poured.

I pm’d her today and told her I was happy I wrapped the stuff in plastic with ribbons, because it didn’t get wet.

I didn’t expect rain. I don’t think the weather report said rain. I told her once the storm came, I wasn’t about to walk back to her house to move the basket.

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Gorgeous cat @gailcalled ! He must be the apple of your eye.

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Ed Debevic’s. You’re welcome.

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All the time.
But, often times, I’m kind of relieved to be wrong.

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