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Where did these mysterious iphone messages come from?

Asked by hug_of_war (10720points) August 27th, 2014 from iPhone

Last week my iphone was stolen. I now have my mom’s phone with a new number (different from my old one and hers). I also did a complete reinstall.

Well today I have two text message conversations from people I’ve never talked to in my life.

I just moved here and the texts are from a local number, while the area code on my phone is different.

How did this happen? It’s not one random text but whole conversations I never had.

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I’d bet your phone carrier recycled someone else’s old number, and those were old messages that were still in the system.

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Is your mums phone an iPhone too? If so your old phone may still be associated with your iMessage account and apple are sending the messages to both phones.

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Many years ago, when I first got the number I have now, I got a call from a lady asking what I was doing with her son’s phone number.

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