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A question about tipping?

Asked by chyna (40217points) August 27th, 2014

If you have a food order delivered and part or all of the order is wrong, do you tip the next delivery person who brings the corrected order?

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Depends on who’s fault it is… I would still tip. The waiter(es) needs the money to put her/himself through college.

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Yes, tip him or her. The error was probably neither delivery person’s fault. If you want recompense, speak to the manager.

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I never give food a second chance. If my food order is wrong, I’m either going to eat what was brought, eat somewhere else, or go hungry.

However, if I read your question correctly, you ordered food delivered, it was wrong, and a second delivery person brought the correct order. In that case, were I you, I would tip the delivery person decently then call and raise the issue with the manager.

Or what @Pachy said.~

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1) I’d eat whatever was delivered. I’m just not that fussy.
2) I’d tip the second person as well. The extra couple of $ is small for you but means a lot to the person driving that stupid car with the sign on the top.

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It wasn’t my order. I would’ve just let it go, but the person ordered without condiments and they slathered on mayo, avocado spread and oil.

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I would tip the person who brought the order but I would send it back without paying for it if it was the wrong order.

Then I would call and give the manager a piece of my mind. In most places, the delivery people are bringing orders which have been prepared by someone else so they shouldn’t be penalized.

But somewhere between the phone order taker and the kitchen, communication got screwed up. They need to develop a better system if they expect any more of my business in the future.

It’s the managers responsibility to straighten out the glitches and deal with whichever staff members goofed up.

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@Buttonstc I like your idea how to handle this. Don’t penalize the delivery person for the kitchens screwup, but get the kitchens attention.

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You should always tip ‘em. I usually wait until they are drowsy, push them over on their sides, and run like hell.

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Why do you ‘Run like hell? @rojo?

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See the first answer to This question which, I believe, is one of yours @ibstubro

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So many people don’t seem to understand that it’s perfectly acceptable to tip nearly anyone that provides a service.

Business owners and situations that would be in bad taste are the best known exceptions.

Rules I wish more people knew better?

Tipping should be done as discreetly as possible.

Cash is always preferred.

Here is a business I have long visited and respected

They seem to get the whole privately owned business thing better than any other I know, tipping protocol included.

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@SecondHandStoke I like their position on the subject of checks and tipping. Well done!
I’d go there if it wasn’t 1000 miles away!

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I like their policies on other things, too, like etiquette.

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