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What do you know about cow tipping?

Asked by ibstubro (18770points) August 27th, 2014

Is it hazardous to the animals?

Have you done it?

Why cows? In particular? If there is something unique to cows that ‘tipping’ them is fun, how was it discovered?

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Ah the drunk redneck sport. It’s real, wait til dark, knock the sleeping cow over & run like hell. Kinda dumb & mean.

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@KNOWITALL From what angle do you tip the cow from?

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@Talia They will sleep/doze standing up, you push from the side & slighly under I believe. How about snipe hunts?

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None of we locals ever did it, but we conned plenty of city boys to try.

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Most of us that grew up with cattle respect them. You don’t play with your stock, especially milk cows & steers.

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I never tipped cows, I just ran through the cornfields tripping on acid. The only person I hurt was myself. sigh

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I tip them. But no more than 15%.

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Cows do not sleep standing up. Cow-tipping is an urban myth, just like snipe hunting is.

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Why do you have to run? I mean once they are on the ground on their sides aren’t they going to have to struggle to get up? Couldn’t you just stand there and laugh at them?

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When cows here are resting they lie down, just like us.

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@Pachy has the best answer. LOL.

But, can you tip an elephant?

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@cookieman, yes, he loves to be tipped, and it’ll cost you only peanuts.

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@Rojo LOL. Right. Cows are very heavy. Ya’ll don’t let me have any fun. @Pachy Snipes were real prairie birds.

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^ Snipe are waterfowl, according to the link within @Pied_Pfeffer‘s link ;)

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It’s a myth.

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If you ever tried to move a cow you’d know how dumb this idea is.

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You can break a cow’s leg if you tip it badly, and the farmer would have to get a veteranarian to put it under. The farmer would also lose the value of the cow (milk or meat) and the cost of the vet.

So if they were able to track down the person who tipped the cow, that person would be arrested for trespassing, malicious mischief, and might well be fined for the cost of the cow, the vet, and the cow’s removal.

All in all an expensive prank.

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Depends on the quality of the milk, although I suspect this is all bullshit.

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Here in New York we are known to tip everyone, but I have to say I’ve never tipped a cow. :)

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YA’ll know I’m just messin with ya? 8owtipping & snipehunts are ways country folk make fun of city folk.

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I hope someone gave this a GQ. I can’t see the top of the page now, I’m busy typing, lol.

I have lived in the rural Midwest all my life, and I believed that cow tipping was real up until this very moment! Hell yes, I knew the whole ‘snipe hunt’ BS, and the instructions were so precisely…sketchy.

Thanks, @Pied_Pfeffer, for the definitive answer.

Now I hope people checking in can still have fun with the question.
Like, _“What is up with that sex toy looking latex finger in @Pied_Pfeffer‘s link??”

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~I never tip more than 25% ... no matter how good the meal was~

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@ibstubro The GQ was given as soon as it was posted. It’s a myth that needs to be busted. Humor can be fun, but pranks that result in another’s potential humiliation is not, in my book.

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@Ibstubro You are so funny, brudda. Did you ever eat the mushrooms under a cow patty to trip? lol

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Best done with a bean bag shot gun.

And a set of very fast legs in some cases.

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Gotta get ‘em when they’re standing broadside to a hill!

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If you catch them just right I’ve seen two guys make a cow stumble, but have never seen one actually go down. The Bull sometimes get kind of aggravated.

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@jonsblond your recollection of tripping through the cornfield immediately reminded me of a song I have not heard for years.

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