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Can you recommend an affordable restaurant located near Navy Pier, Chicago?

Asked by Aethelwine (41195points) August 27th, 2014

I’m looking for an affordable but tasty meal to eat before we head to Soldier Field from Navy Pier. Is there a restaurant located near either of these locations that fits my needs?

I asked Facebook but my friends and family are failing me.

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These are at Navy Pier:
-Billy Goat Tavern
-Harry Caray’s Tavern

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I’ve been to both.

Wasn’t impressed with Harry Caray’s Tavern.

I liked Billy Goat.

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I enjoyed Riva at Navy Pier. “Affordable” is a relative term, but I’m certain you can find some items that won’t break the bank.

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Billy Goat and Mariano’s are pretty close, a 5 or 10 minute walk. Chipotle is even closer. For the others, I would recommend taking a short cab from the Pier to lunch and then another cab to the stadium.

Billy Goat is fun (the subterranean one below Michigan Avenue). They server diner burgers, not a culinary hotspot. I take out-of-towners there.

During the work week (closed weekends), one of my favorite cheap lunches is another below-ground venue, the Berghoff Cafe downstairs from the Berghoff restaurant. Same food, but served from a cafeteria line.
Monday – Friday 11AM to 2PM.

Miller’s Pub is another old-school place.
Again, not a gourmet place. It’s kind of a time machine to the 1950s.
Every day 11AM to 4AM

I know some people don’t want to visit a chain while traveling, but I like Chipotle and there is one very close to Navy Pier.
291 E. Ontario
Every day, 11AM to 10PM

Gold Coast Dogs 159 N. Wabash for a classic Chicago hot dog.
Call for hours they aren’t listed on the site.

There’s a great new grocery store near the Pier, Mariano‚Äôs Fresh Market They have a salad bar, sandwiches and I think sushi for eating in the store.

The 7th floor of Macy’s State Street (formerly Marshall Field’s) has a really good food court.

If cycling appeals to you, you can get a $7 24-hour Divvy bike pass, with unlimited 30-minute rides. If you keep a bike longer, you pay a few dollars.

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And I forgot Heaven on Seven for is great Cajun food.

The Wabash location is in an old coffee shop upstairs in an old office building.

There’s also one on the Magnificient Mile

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Thanks everyone! I’ve got plenty of choices here. I appreciate it.

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I highly suggest leaving navy pier and walking over to eataly or somewhere in west loop like Au Cheval.

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