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What are the long term benefits of entering and winning a beauty competition ?

Asked by chinchin31 (1480points) August 28th, 2014

Whenever I look at Miss Universe/Beauty winners in the future, most of them seem to be fat, depressed, divorced and broke.

Why therefore does society still place so much emphasis on these type of competitions ?

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Once in a while, a beauty contest winner gets a college scholarship, some performance auditions, and some modeling contracts. And they get 15 minutes of fame.

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They get modelling contracts, fame, and often a short cut into the fashion business. Take a look at how Jennifer Hawkins has developed since her win. She’s definitely made a good deal of money since then.

There is also no ignoring the vanity factor. Young women by and large crave validation, and what better way to gain the attention of high society?

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@FireMadeFlesh – maybe. For the one in 100,000 that make it big and successful, it’s very beneficial.

For the 99,999 who make it to the semis, or maybe in the finals, it’s an utter waste.

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Do they usually wind up fat and depressed? The winners and runner ups I can think of did well.

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Vanessa Williams was Miss America in 1983. I’m sure that’s what catapulted her to fame.

Kind of interesting List of previous Miss Americas.

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If you leave “competition” off the question title, then the answer has to be marriage.

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How do you see them “in the future”? Do you have a time machine?

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A very shallow set of values where physical beauty gets top priority ?

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I was asking @ucme…do you really thing those women enter pageants to get married? Are you stuck in the 50’s again?

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@Dutchess_III Vanessa Williams didn’t get catapulted because of Miss America as much as by the nude pictures published by Penthouse.

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Well now that you adressed me @Dutchess_III I can respond.
“Stuck in the 50’s again?” Was never around then in the first place, not even a twinkle in my dad’s eye.
If you read my answer again you should see the satire pop out, if not, then I believe we’re through here.

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@zenvelo Vanessa Williams was gorgeous. She was one of the winners everyone remembered even before the photos.

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@JLeslie She still is. And she is talented.

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@elbanditoroso True. I never said it was a good business choice. But it is equally as valid as the thousands of failed actors that hang around Hollywood waiting for their big break. People do it for the dream, rather than the reality of their prospects.

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