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Mods, can you see to the chatroom?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14755points) August 28th, 2014

The chatroom is getting buggy these days. The most notable bug is that jellies in the chatroom are kicked out randomly (got the “idle” or “has left the room” message while still inside the room). Sometimes there are some jellies who are shown to be inside the room although they have already left. Can someone see to the chatroom a little?

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I left the chatroom twice, and it’s still showing me as in there under Users Chatting.

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Contact the mods directly via the “Contact the Mods” button on far right of orange menu bar.

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In order to actually leave the chatrooms, you have to click the “leave room” button rather than simply closing the window (otherwise, you’ll still appear as though you are in the room for an extended time.)

Is this bug still occuring when users have clicked the “leave room” button?

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I hit the leave room button three times before it showed me as out.

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This has happened since they first rolled out the chat. It gets a bit worse as the chat gets more active. Tim wrote the chat room and even he was stumped when we complained about it years ago.

I doubt Phi can easily figure out and fix what is going on if Tim Couldn’t. However, it is annoying but works well enough.

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@johnpowell Actually it has come to the point where it’s too annoying. I log in, see that there are people in the room. I enter and say hello but receive no reply, only to know much, much later that there is no one inside the room. Don’t you think it’s just annoying?

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@Mimishu1995 Sometimes people are in the room, but not at their computer. I’ve done that a lot in the past. I’ll open chat in another window and then leave it open in case someone comes in to chat. There were times in the past that I would forget and walk away from my computer for hours and still have the chat window open.

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^Damnned real life!

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