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I'm thinking of doing a movie/music review show on YouTube. Do you like watching movie reviews on YouTube? Would it be worth it?

Asked by rockfan (6925points) August 28th, 2014
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No. I read a few of the professional critics’ reviews on IMDB or similar sites. That’s good enough for me.

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Very much no. I only made it through 18 seconds of the video.

I’m curious – if you are interested in reviewing movies or music, is there a reason you would choose video over the written word?

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I am completely disinterested in movie reviews.

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Probably aimed at a different demographic than the likes of me. Like @gailcalled, I too get my reviews from print media.

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The only reviewers I watch are Nostalgia Critic and Redlettermedia. And of those, I only take Redlettermedia seriously, because they are actual film makers themselves.

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I have a different take than the others because I too write movie reviews (I have a webpage listing reviews of movies I love) and enjoy reading about or listening to what other reviewers say, even if/when I don’t agree. Go for it.

My advice: make it very professional looking with good camerawork, good lighting, and serious, well-researched reviews.

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I want to do video because it’s more popular among the demographic I’m aiming for. Why didn’t you like Chris Stuckmann’s review?

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@Jonesn4burgers Are you a movie fan?

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Nope, I don’t like reading/watching the POV of any one person, too biased. It’s why I prefer sites like rotten tomatoes or game rankings because they compile all the major reviews into an average.

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Not really. I prefer reading review. I feel more comfortable with reading a review than watching it in the form of a video, probably because I’m not a native speaker and often get lost. And beside, what shows on the video often distracts me from the real review, so my mind is more focused when reading.

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I like my reviewers to know what they are talking about. What are your credentials? Are you a screen writer, a director, a DP, an actor? Or are you just some guy on the internet?
RLM are film makers, they made some short films, some horror B-Movies, and are currently filming a SciFi B-Movie. Even Nostalgia Critic writes and directs the skits he inserts into his reviews. What is your thing?
I do not use review sites like RT or Metacritic. A x/10 rating does not tell me anything about the movie.

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@ragingloli That’s why you scroll down the page and actually skim over the written reviews, but if the movie has a >50% I know it’s not even worth the time reading any reviews.

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I’m just a person who loves movies and likes to talk about them. I don’t have any professional credentials or background, but I’ve seen thousands of movies and I know the history and technical aspect of filmmaking extremely well.

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