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How can I take screen-shots of things on my computer screen?

Asked by FallenShip (17points) July 8th, 2008 from iPhone
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What OS?

In windows you can press the “print screen” button and then paste it into a document.

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use Grab in Mac OS. It’s in the utilities folder.

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or (on OS X) you can go to sys prefs—> keyboard and mouse—> keyboard shortcuts and see the shortcut you can also reassign the shortcut to something easier (mines F7)

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Also in windows if you only want a screen shot of the active window, hold down alt while you press print screen.

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For Mac
cmd + shift + 3 (whole screen)
cmd + shift + 4 (selection)
cmd + shift + 4 + space (current window)

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CTRL+ALT+PRT SCR is what i use

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I just use ALT+PRT SCR. Is that any different than CTRL+ALT+PRT SCR?

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I use a program called SnagIt and love it!

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@ intro- i tried what eambos said and that works just like both of ours do, haha, a lot easier than pressing three keys, too

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