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When was the last time you cried?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43521points) August 28th, 2014

Hasn’t been asked in a couple of years.

There was a fb post by an acquaintance, who’s my age, and she made a comment about crying often and how it helps.That just struck me as odd. I haven’t cried “often” since I was a teenager. Then I realized had to wrack my brain pretty hard to remember the last time I cried.

This is what I came up with: I cried in 1999, when my then-20-year-old daughter got a wild hair to move to Washington State. She took her 4 year old son, who was more like one of my own kids than a grandson. I had him more than she did, and there was just 8 years difference between him and my son. I was just wracked with grief, not knowing if I was going to see them again. When we took them to the airport, my then 14 year old daughter suddenly stopped on our way to the gate and said, “I can’t do this.”
I said, “Neither can I.” And I grabbed her hand and we just kept walking. (Jen came back 6 months later. :)

The next time was in 2004, when my Mom, who had Alzheimer’s, kept agitating to go back to Washington, to go “home,” where she grew up. She had sisters there. She became really angry when I tried to help her understand that she wouldn’t have her own place in Washington, she’d be going to another assisted living home. I just had to let it run it’s course.
Took her up there, and the next day we went to check out her new digs. The look on her face when she realized what the plan was just killed me.
When we got back to my Aunt and Uncle’s house I locked myself in the bed room and just cried in agony, clawing at the bed spread. She felt SO betrayed, and I felt like it was my fault.
I think that’s the last time I cried.

And you?

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Last week.

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I cried today. I’ve been sick with a fever and throat infection and my son said something that hurt my feelings and I just burst out crying. He realised what he did and was so very sorry and was then helpful and got ready for school with out too much fuss. I get like that sometimes when I have a fever. I got a doctors appointment and am on antibiotics and feeling better. No ‘out of character’ outbursts now.

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I can get teary pretty easily. I’m often beset by tears of joy, or emotions of being humbled.

The last time I was sobbing, though, was about a year ago while having a long difficult conversation with a very close friend.

Tears are healthy, they help your body get rid of toxins.

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Being really sick makes me feel weepy too, @cazzie. I guess I feel sort of helpless over all!

I know they do @zenvelo. I don’t know why I don’t cry more. I certainly deserve it!

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In the days and weeks following my mother’s passing in March, both asleep and awake. And during various movies in the months since.

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Why don’t I cry more?

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About a week or two ago. One of my family members is sick, and I was thinking about her.

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@Dutchess_III “The next time was in 2004, when my Mom, who had Alzheimer’s, kept agitating to go back to Washington, to go “home,” where she grew up.”

I’ve read that every A.D. patient, at some point in the disease’s progression, says “I want to go home” as if it were a mantra. Usually, the person has no idea what “home” really means. The statement could refer to memories of the individual’s childhood, or perhaps to the place where the person lived while married and raising a family. Most often, the patient is simply (1) saying that he/she doesn’t want to be in a care facility, and (2) expressing “home” as a familiar and comfortable environment.

As you and she continued down that cruel path of A.D., I’m sure you came to realize that it’s pointless to reason with someone who’s irrational. Your mother became upset when you “tried to help her understand,” because she was moving beyond understanding.

When my own mother first started to say “I want to go home” every 5 seconds, I would explain that her assisted living apartment was her home, filled with her own furnishings and possessions. That didn’t work; it made her angry and restless. Now, I just say, “Ok. But, it’s a long drive that takes all day, so we’ll need to leave early tomorrow morning.” That usually works.

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I didn’t cry much after my Ex left (although there were extremely painful times) but there were certain songs that made me explode with tears. I didn’t listen to much music for about a year.

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When I watched that ^^ didn’t actually cry, but filled up a little.

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I cry often at movies. I can get sentimental.

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Last week due to a difficult discussion.

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I have weepy moments from time to time. Yesterday was one; a friend had to put down her little adopted adorable rag mop dog, Fred, after he bit one too many people and was deemed untrainable in spite of valiant efforts by many people for a long time.

(His owners could not find anyone suitable who was willing to try again. That would have been a single, middle-aged calm person who didn’t work outside the house and who had a large, fenced-in yard. There were no takers.)

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Oh my – so similar to the Frodo saga but luckily I didn’t have to put him down.

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15 years ago in university when my friends turned their backs on me… but no tears came out. I changed. The last time I got emotional was when I watched Mr.. Rogers in the garden of your mind. yesterday.

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When @jonsblond’s Mother passed away this winter.

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Earlier today I cried my little heart out. Actually, lately that’s all I have been doing.

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Yesterday, fighting with my teenage sister – because we were just going around in circles. I’ve cried quite a few times the last couple of weeks, because I’m reading an emotionally exhausting chapter of an otherwise good book. (Literally page by page, need breaks in-between).

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I cried yesterday, well maybe not a real cry but I teared up a little bit. I was thinking about my dad. I miss him.

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I watched Grave of the Fireflies last night so…...

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I honestly can’t remember the last time I cried. I guess that’s a very good thing.

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@SadieMartinPaul Now I’m starting to wonder if it is or not!

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@SadieMartinPaul I don’t know, I personally enjoy a good cry every now and then. I can’t remember the last time I cried because of something devastating personally happening to me, which I would consider good, but crying from a story in a movie/tv show/game/etc I think is a good form of emotional release.

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@El_Cadejo Laughter and crying are the same sort of release. If I get to choose between the two, I’d much rather laugh.

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@DUtchess Watch Marley & Me. I cry over abused animals, starving kids & lonely oldsters. I’m a softy down deep.

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I read the book. It was hilarious!

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@SadieMartinPaul I do laugh a LOT. Maybe that’s why I don’t cry much.

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@KNOWITALL: Marley and Me is the worst!! I blubber like a baby at that movie.

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@SadieMartinPaul I guess we disagree here. They target two different parts of me. I do enjoy however when mediums are able to put both of them together though. Futurama was great at this. Jurassic Bark and Luck of the Fryish are two great examples.

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Marley and Me…isn’t that about a big dog and his owners? I must be thinking of a completely different show or book.

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&Dutchess Putting a beloved dog down made you laugh? Hmmm…odd.

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I guess I missed something. I don’t remember them having to put him down.
The parts I remember were him dumping someone in the pool….it was funny stuff. But it’s also been about 12 years since I read it.

Of course I wouldn’t find putting a beloved dog down funny. I’ve done it. One of the worst days of my life. Oh yeah. I cried over that. Cried buckets.

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@DUtchess Exactly lol. You just aren’t a cryer, so you must find emotional release another way. Do you drink? lol

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Every time I think of my mom.

Three weeks ago at my cousin’s funeral.

I just shed a few tears two days ago when I was swimming with my daughter and we watched Life Flight pass our house, then land two miles away on the highway. We could see emergency lights from at least two vehicles. We then watched Life Flight start up again about 10 minutes later and head back the way they came. I knew the person they were carrying was in need of critical care. We were scared that we might have known who was hurt on the highway. I also thought that that could have been me or someone from my family. We travel that road every day. I still don’t know what happened. It must not have been someone from our community or I would have heard about it by now.

been doing a lot of crying lately.

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I fall apart when I watch and listen to Story Corps on NPR
Always a family
Germans in the woods

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I cannot remember the last time. I have a SIL who claims she has cried every day since her daughter married and moved to Hawaii back in January. I rolled my eyes and bit my tongue.

Maybe, just maybe, I am that cold hearted bastard I have been told I am.

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When Tony Gwynn died.

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Last night when I was thinking of my kitty that died 2 weeks ago. I cry pretty often actually. I find when I cry it connects me deeply to the person/pet/time in my life that I miss. Laughter doesn’t even touch it when it comes to that deep connection.

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@KNOWITALL…you completely lost me with ”@DUtchess Exactly lol. You just aren’t a cryer, so you must find emotional release another way. Do you drink? lol”

Going to google Tony Gwynn.

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Ok, so why did you cry when Tony Gwynn died @osoraro?

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@osoraro “When Tony Gwynn died.”


One of the best and most exciting days of my life happened in Cooperstown, watching Cal Ripken and Tony Gwynn’s induction. Magic.

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When Elsa wouldn’t come out and play with Anna.

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I cried buckets when I had to put my dog to sleep just over 18 months ago. I still cry sometimes when I think about her. But that’s it, really, since I started testosterone therapy. I used to cry all the time (mainly due to chronic and severe depression I think) but I don’t any more.

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@osoraro Wow…how come I never heard of him before?

@downtide I’m so sorry about your dog. Even after 16 years, I still sometimes think I hear the tinkle of my Snuffy’s dog tags as she’s walking through the house.

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@Dutchess_III Because you’re not a baseball fan, and you’re certainly not a Padres fan. I grew up in San Diego and with Tony Gwynn.

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Did you know him personally?

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I’ll cry about anything: ugly, sad situations like telling someone who loved me that I only see him as a friend and no we can’t be together, awful situations like when I realised that my grandfather wasn’t coming home and that he really died at the hospital, it took me a couple months to admit to myself that it was true, happy moments that I can’t handle in any other way like when I heard “you made it, it’s alright now”, times when I’m afraid, or extremely angry/humiliated/frustrated, ah.. all my emotions ALL OF THEM become tears. Even movies and plays and songs and books and poems can make me cry.
Last time was last night, watching War Horse.

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The last time I cried was Friday night, actually Saturday morning. I had a dream my friend committed suicide and I was crying in my dream and when I woke up I was crying! But only softly, and that isn’t exactly crying because it was caused by… It was crying.

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Today, my friend text me and said a lot of words that hurt me. When I reached home, I ran to my room shut the door, and sat in a corner quietly sobbing with anger.

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About two weeks after my dad died.

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Me too.

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