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Has anyone ever experienced these types of symptoms?

Asked by Louiselombardi_ (6points) August 28th, 2014 from iPhone

The last week or so.. Possibly longer, I’ve been feeling funny and overall not “normal”
I’ve had a constant migraine, loss of appetite, nausea: almost and acidic/bubbly after trying to eat. I’ve also been extremely tired. I could sleep all day long and longer if I allowed myself!

I have a scheduled physical and can’t get in to my doctor any time sooner than a month.

I hope I’m just coming down with something and it’s not anything to worry about . Has anyone else felt these symptoms all at once? I’m just looking for some piece of mind in the mean time. I’ve never felt these symptoms before.
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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If your SN is accurate, I would suggest you do some research on how the symptoms of heart attack for women differ significantly from those of men. and see if that might apply to you.

However, the gamut of symptoms you describe could indicate anything from anemia to mononucleosis to
pneumonia. It’s impossible for people on the Internet to unravel this puzzle.

You really need to be seen by someone with the credentials, MD following their name.

Just because your physical isn’t due for a month doesn’t mean you have to wait till
then. If it were me, I’d get my behind into a Drs. office or ER ASAP and let them determine how serious and immediate it is or isn’t.

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Sounds to me you are both fatigue and eating either high processed foods, or something spicy causing the acidic activity.

(I’ve had a migraine back to back days but never for a whole week… Can’t you do a walk in doctor visit?)

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ARe you dehydrated? Often headaches are that or high blood pressure, or stress. Been to an eye dr lately?

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I was going to say dehydration as well. If you are really dehydrated it can take a while to get back to normal. It can happen so slowly you don’t realize it. This could be stress also. The combination of stress and dehydration will do this for sure. It happened to me back in school during a particularly stressful time. I increased my coffee intake almost to the point I was not drinking water. First headaches, then constipation, nausea and acidy stomach. I cut down the coffee and drank mostly water and was fine in a couple of weeks. Do see your doc though.

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Are you depressed about anything?
Depression often cause headaches, body aches, fatigue and a craving for carbs, sugar, that help with dopamine regulation.
The mind/body connection is huge and many migraine sufferers have co-morbid depression.

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As others have mentioned you’re symptoms are pretty wide ranging and could be a lot of things and you should see an MD about them. If you can’t get to your doctor for a month do you have any minor emergency/urgent care walk-in clinics in your area? I’ve been very happy with the care I’ve gotten at the one near me. You don’t need an appointment and you should be seen by a physician in under an hour, maybe sooner. It should run about $100 or less.

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I agree with everyone here. Physicals are “healthy” visits if you are having problems you don’t have to wait for a physical exam, just go.

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If you’re a teenager, possibly mono.

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