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If you could make a company go out of business, which one would it be and why?

Asked by maybellekim (215points) August 29th, 2014


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Any company that offers spamming service.

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Puppy mills.

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Is anybody going to say why, as @maybellekim asked?

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Because it is Apple. Their products are overpriced junk for tech-noobs and hipsters who have more money than sense, while their workers are paid so little that they commit suicide.

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1. The products they promote aren’t as good as they say. They give desperate people the illusion that they solve their problems and help the companies making those products get money.
2. They can spam almost everywhere! It’s so annoying seeing ads in your mail or on a website not intended for product promoting (for example Fluther)
3. The mods are so tired cleaning spams :P
4. No more spam companies, no more spamming.

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Halliburton, they ultimately caused that mess in the gulf.

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I agree with @Mimishu1995. I’d put spam companies and tleparketers out of business.

We get so many interruption during the day. They reduce our productivity. They rob us of uninterrupted sleep, meals, or sex. They they mislead and lie.

To combat them we make filters and burden moderators with extra load. How much business is lost due to spam filters rejecting legitimate mail? How many hours a day do moderators spend taking out the trash? .
One spammer can send out a million emails in a few seconds. We each spend a few seconds throwing it out. Wouldn’t it be great if each one of us made the spammer spend a few seconds for each email sent?

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Whole foods
For positioning their brand upon the poor souls that fall victim to the grass root movements spreading lies about organic foods.

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I wouldn’t. I’m in favor of the free market putting companies out of business (or making them successful).

Also, as odious as telemarketers are, the employees are people, with rent to pay and families to feed. So I would be reticent to ruin someone elses (or lots of peoples’) lives on a vindictive whim.

Let the market decide who is not worth surviving.

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The KOCH BROTHERS Corporations…. they actively support [ they are in the process of buying our Election Processes ] Pro-Business, Right-Wing Radicals…. I think that they should be Shut-Out.

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Oh Yeah, I second @Linda_Owl‘s suggestion of the Koch Brothers and all of their companies.

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@elbanditoroso history has shown that Laissez-faire promotes the exploitation of labor, increases the gap between the wealthy and the poor and that without regulations businesses are free to foist products and services with little or no value to consumers (think snake-oil salesmen).

@Linda_Owl, unfortunately corporations are buying out successful competitors and merging those businesses with the corporation so as to become to big to be allowed to fail. Now that corporate moguls have taken over the Republican Party, two of the three branches of government are under their control and they intend to capture the presidency in 2016.

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@Bill1939 – I have no problem with regulations (you apparently think I do).

I just said that I wouldn’t force them out of business, as asked by the OP.

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Comcast and other cable operators. They are granted monopolies yet resist being regulated as monopolies.

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No, you said you wanted the “free market” putting companies out of business.
A “free market” is unregulated.

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My local monopolistic ISP and phone service carrier. Last week the entire area (from Maine to DC) lost the ability to receive emails. My neighbor had no phone service (mice ate through the wires) for 5 days. Then each of us would be allowed to tickle the bottom of the feet of the CEO and head of customer service (who would be tied to a chair for a few minutes for that purpose).

(See Fairpoint Communications on Facebook for examples of the height of vitriolic complaints. I am on first name basis with my service repair men.)

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Crystal meth labs because so many young people are walking around like zombies and it eventually ruins their health.

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Pepsi, for reasons that would make me unpopular here for sure.

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could it be because of this?

According to Pluto, it is the company’s rich history of embracing and celebrating diversity in the workplace, as well as its commitment to inclusive policies and practices that make her proud to work at PepsiCo Inc.

For years, the beverage company has topped HRC’s Corporate Equality Index, a national benchmarking tool of corporate policies and practices related to LGBT employees, as one of the “Best Places to Work.”

During the recent push for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act in the Senate, Pepsico Inc. spoke out in support of federal legislation to provide for all LGBT Americans the same basic protections the corporation affords to its employees. By participating in the Business Coalition for Workplace Fairness, PepsiCo joined an overwhelming majority of America’s leading businesses that support workplace opportunity.

And, most recently, PepsiCo took its commitment to the LGBT youth to the next level, sponsoring the HRC Foundations Historically Black College and University LGBT Student Leadership Summit. The summit is designed to foster an effect group of LGBT HBCU student leaders committed to developing their personal leadership and career skills, and to develop student leaders to advocate for LGBT equality and social justice.

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Gosh. I thought it was all about the addictive caffeine and empty calories as well as the ingredients consisting of: “high fructose corn syrup, sugar, colorings, phosphoric acid, caffeine, citric acid and natural flavors.”

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My competition, of course! They try to undermine me and I do what I can to sink them. But they’re basically screwed to begin with, especially if they buy into a franchise.

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To all you mind readers you are totally wrong about why I dislike Pepsi. My answer would be not even close. I didn’t even know about the information in your smart ass link.

My dislike is simply their bottling and packaging. Maybe there is a “mind reading” course you can both take at your local community college.

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I wouldn’t know the name of this particular company. It would be whoever is the biggest producer/marketer/etc of meat. Why? Because I abhor the abuse associated with the meat industry

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Monsanto and Wal-Mart.

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@ragingloli Free markets do need regulation, without regulation you get monopolies and then consequently a closed and exclusive market. You can’t actually have a free market without some regulation for very long.

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New York City INC: Naked, raw greed. Abuse of taxation powers for behavior modification.

Clinton INC: Powerdrunk tyrants. Pandering to those that believe themselves helpless at the expense of those that aren’t.

Microsoft/Windows: Because everyone else does is NOT a legitimate reason for an employer to force me to use such an insultingly poor product.

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Any company that makes counterfeit merchandise.

Such companies cost legitimate ones multiple billions annually.

They endanger everything from reputation and jobs to health and even lives.

If I were running for federal political office I would promise to do everything I could to demand that China get on global par regarding intellectual property rights if they intend to continue to do business with us.

Besides, whether it’s a watch, tires, smartphone, jeans or even fabric softener, life’s too short to use some nasty fake.

Who is ultimately to blame however? You are, with your hideous faux Gucci bag.

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The Vatican

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Telemarketers all of them even the legal ones. Pay day loan companies.

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nooo, I need my pay day loans! Actually they are installment loans really.

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Honeywell, just to spite my useless piece of shit brother-in-law.

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Ok, I’m curious. Why would your dislike of Pepsi’s packaging make you unpopular here?

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