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What to match with a gingham / picnic skirt?

Asked by HouseMouse (60points) August 29th, 2014

I have a red gingham (picnic blanket) skirt but I can’t figure out what tops to match it with. It looks like this, but it’s knee length:

I know it matches with a solid color like white or black but I want something more creative.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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White, light red* or chambray?
Or match it with a crazy floral. :)

Yes, I think there’s a difference between pink and light red!

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Reds are hard to match. So, to be safe, as in the picture, go with white. Or choose white with red trim that’s close to your color. It won’t have to be exact if there’s not much of it. You could also accent it with a red bandana around the neck.

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Agreeing with @snowberry. The skirt is very dramatic, with lots of fabric and a bold print. The crisp, white blouse complements it perfectly. Any other choice might detract from the skirt’s beauty.

I would go with a white blouse, red choker necklace, and matching red earrings.

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Or you could do white blouse with black earrings and black necklace and bracelet.

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Patriotic blues?

Heck. A yellow top with an orange belt. As long as you’re having fun.

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Red polka dot spots! Go for it… Or more seriously a single colour T-shirt contrasting with red

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