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What do you think of this AFV video?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36036points) August 29th, 2014

Rick and I were watching AFV last night, when they played this video. Everyone in the audience laughed and laughed. It even took 3rd place.

If you watched it, did it make you laugh?

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Not sure where the funny is here.

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Why did you do that?

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I sure don’t see it either, @hominid.

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why did you throw the toy?

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AFV is a show where people send in videos of themselves getting kicked in the crotch by a horse and the audience laughs like it was the best thing ever. What did you expect from the show?

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That isn’t me @ragingloli. I’d never do such a thing.

@keobooks Some AFV stuff is really funny. Getting kicked in the crotch is not funny to me, but it is to some. Just because they show that sometimes is no reason to not watch the show.

Stuff like they showed in my link, though, is a whole different story. It’s not funny in any way. I feel so sorry for those kids.

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Oh, if you’re asking why the mother threw the toy, it’s because she got exasperated with the kid pushing that lawn mower at her. They make really annoying sounds. Her final reaction was to snap, throw a temper tantrum and set a really good example for the kids. Merry Christmas kid.

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Yeah, making Mom snap really isn’t my idea of funny either, but really can’t blame her those toys make super annoying sounds.

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But it makes you wonder how she snaps in other situations. As a freaking ADULT she should have taken the toy and put it in a closet, then put the kid in time out for not listening. Instead she just wrecks Christmas morning for everyone. Trust me. Kids remember when Mom (or Dad) throws a fit on a day that’s supposed to be special and fun. For some reason, for the last 5 years of their marriage my mom would throw a fit every Easter. You could count on it. One year she threw a jar of jelly up so hard it broke on the ceiling. That’s all I remember about that Easter.

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Plus, they knew it makes annoying sounds when they bought it.

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We were super young under six if I can remember and Grandma thought it would be super great to give my brother and I drum sets for Christmas,Mom thought it was such a good idea that they could stay at Grandmas house so we could play them whenever we were there.
Funny thing though, Grandma could never seem to remember where she put them after that.

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Ha ha ha!!!

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I understand how that lady was feeling. Throwing it was inappropriate. She should have just taken it away and told the kid that he can play with it later.

Kinda funny. Kinda sad for the lady.

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Really sad for the kids. Their mom is a jerk. I wonder if she lashes out like that and physically slaps them and stuff.

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It left me completely unamused.

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I laugh all the time to AFV. There are a lot of things I don’t find funny, however. Usually the top 3 aren’t that funny to me. (I also don’t usually laugh at injury bloopers,either, especially crotch hits). This was ehh, not that funny.

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The kid with the mower felt he was being ignored and this was his way of getting attention. The mother was likely already annoyed at him for some reason and over reacted. It’s all perfectly normal family dynamics and quite funny.

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No, it’s not “normal.” It’s violent and a sign of a woman who can’t control herself. I never threw things around because I was upset with my kids. My mom did, though, and the memories hurt to this day. That act will probably be all he remembers about this Christmas. May be all that all the kids remember.

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I laughed. @Dutchess_III You have a point. However the toy lawn mower is a nice alternative to hurling the kid across the room. Did you notice that the other little boy was not one bit flustered? The guy doing the filming and commentary took the whole thing rather matter of factly as well.

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This is getting a bit surrealistic. The mom deserves some sort of medal for hurling a toy, instead of the kid, across the room? That’s just sick.

I’ll tell you why the kid didn’t “seem a bit flustered.” My mother used to go on rants. If she was ranting on one of my sisters, we other two girls would just freeze, but not too obviously. We wouldn’t look up, wouldn’t react, wouldn’t look at Mom because if we did, her tirade would be turned on us as well, whether we were doing anything wrong or not. We were quietly terrified.

In their world, it’s “normal.” That’s why no one “seemed” flustered. It’s so normal that they apparently didn’t even think twice about sending the video in for the whole world to see.

It’s just sad. So sad and so sickening. Merry Christmas, Darlings.

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That was just cruel @ragingloli. Poor kid. How could anyone think that was funny?

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@ragingloli That was mean. I felt sorry for the kid. And the rest of the adults laughing just made it worse. Poor kid.

The mother throwing the mower was a bit sad as well. It brings up some questions. Who bought that stupid gift? Who thought it was a good idea to give that to the kid? Who put in the batteries and tuned it on? And why on earth did they agree to post that video?
I’m guessing that gift was purchased by a grandparent or the black sheep uncle every family has.

About 10 years ago a teenage relative of mine was on AFV. He and his friends were out in the woods playing with an old video camera. One of them had the bright idea of recording the other kid swinging a downed tree branch at a strong tree and watching the branch break. They planned on playing it back in slo-mo.
One kid picked up the branch and swung it at a tree about 20 ft away. Bang. Nothing. He swung again, harder. This time, the branch snapped sending the broken piece spinning through the air – right at the camera and into the kid taking the videos. Ouch!

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Boy. Old question. But it still pisses me off. She has a temper tantrum, throws the toy, the kid starts crying and probably won’t soon be consoled, but will yell louder, then she’ll start screaming, all hell will break loose and Merry Christmas.

@LuckyGuy It’s not a bad toy. Just needs to be outside, or some place, if it’s annoying. My little ones had one. It’s no worse than the popper toys.

Glad none of your relative got seriously hurt! I once read about an 8 year old who was idly sitting on the concret front porch, idly swinging a crochet mallet against the bottom of the porch. The mallet broke and splintered, and a big splinter went in his eye and blinded him in that eye.

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