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PT Test this coming Monday, can you give advice on what to eat and do till then(details)

Asked by LDRSHIP (1784points) August 29th, 2014

Background information to help. PT Test isn’t hard just endurance mainly.

2 minute push ups(75 reps max score)
2 minute sit ups (80 reps max score)
2 mile run (13:00 minutes or less to max)

I’ve maxed three events before….Once, which was my last PT Test and that was when I felt more prepared. Prior to that I scored a 277.

Just came from field for 2 weeks…No real time for PT, and no showers and all. This past week worked out. Mainly cardio to get back up to speed if you will, over did it a little bit mild foot pain on left foot. It is gone currently.

Feel good this morning kept it light and actually feel less sore now and no pains or aches.

My main concern is I want to max again, but I always struggle with the run. I don’t think I lost that much speed/endurance…I hope.

I have a kind of “ritual” before the PT test.

All that said have any advice,tips, info or anything that can help?

Figured at this point to just rest up till Monday or maybe I should continue to do light cardio or least hit sauna till then?

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