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Does anyone think that a camera application along with a camera mod will ever be released for iPod touch users?

Asked by Theotherkid (884points) July 8th, 2008 from iPhone
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Basicly I’m asking if there will ever be a possible camera for iPod Touch users.

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That would suck if we’d have to buy a new goddamn iPod Touch. Which we will. Hmm.

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How about something cool like this?

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That’s exactly what I’m hoping will be released!

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yeah beast! It looks cool to me, if the new gen has a camera, I will definitely buy it, if not, that idea its great! That’s the ONLY thing that I envy from iPhone owners…

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No. No it will not.

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No one will develop that.

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I wouldn’t be surprised. It won’t be that small, but hey there are already GPS and phone devices for the touch out right now so.. give it a year or so.

I think it would have been smarter for apple to put a camera on the ipod touch in the first place, especially if you have your email on there, it just makes sense.. take a picture, and oh hey.. email it directly to your friends and family at the site.. just plain makes sense.

Maybe I should just buy a used iPhone original model and unlock it….

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