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Can a lawyer send a letter to someone threatening legal action If they don't help their ex wife?

Asked by M1952 (301points) August 29th, 2014 from iPhone

I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, I’m just curious because my husband left me for another women and has filed divorce, I am 5 months pregnant and he will not help pay rent or anything ! Can a lawyer send a threat of legal action if he does not comply or something like that? Thank you!

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A lawyer can certainly help you. You must talk to one. Try Legal Aid if you do not have financial resources. Good luck!

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When the baby is born you can get child support with a DNA test. You don’t need to hire your own lawyer.

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but nothing can be done now? We are still married ..

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If you have the money to hire a lawyer, do so.

(Isn’t this suspiciously like a question asked about a week ago?)

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It’s similar sorry lol ): not exactly the same, I’m asking about a letter of threat right now .. Last week I asked if he was legally obligated to help me

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plus it was deleted because of spelling errors or something like that

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Fluther likes proper spelling, grammar, punctuation. You are missing some caps and stuff like that. They may delete this one if you don’t fix it.

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What is stopping you from talking to a lawyer?

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If you are married, still, then it’s not an “ex-wife.”

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That is true sorry, I wrote this not thinking properly but yes we are still married

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Though he has filed divorce and we have a court date

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You should be able to get a temporary support agreement prior to the court date. In addition to a lawyer, it might be helpful for you to look for a women’s divorce support group in your town.

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I don’t think your lawyer needs to threaten legal action; he or she should just take legal action. Consult with your attorney, not with us. Your lawyer should be able to tell you what needs to be done now. That’s what lawyers are for.

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What you are entitled to really depends on your state and how long you’ve been married. You may or may not be entitled to alimony. In regards to making him pay the bills that are in both of your names, I doubt there is anything that can be done right now. It will most likely have to be part of the divorce agreement.

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