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Can the respondent in a divorce change their initial response to the petition for divorce?

Asked by M1952 (301points) August 29th, 2014 from iPhone

I would like to change my response now that it’s been 2–3 months since my husband filed divorce, he is now being unbearable and making my life miserable, I would like the judge to know this since I didn’t include it in my original response because I responded 6 days after I was served.

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You can talk to your lawyer. You maybe able to amend or add something but contact your lawyer.

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I don’t have a lawyer in our divorce because there really aren’t any assets besides the fact that I am pregnant ..

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Get a lawyer even if it is through a women’s divorce support group. You have assets including his pension and Social Security . . .

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I would think you could. If you don’t have a lawyer contact the court and ask.

If there is any type of organization that helps women in your situation, reach out to them. They might have a lawyer who volunteers and can give some advice.

If I remember correctly you are in FL. FL has some hoops to jump through when there are children involved. I don’t know of that counts unborn children. If so, you will have time to sort things out possibly, before the marriage is completely dissolved.

@Tropical_Willie I think the OP is the woman that has only been married a year so she doesn’t have claim to SS. But, she would possibly to any savings including 401k’s or IRA’s.

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@JLeslie My logic for the assets statement was that her soon to be Ex his lawyer told @M1952 that there were no assets.

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@Tropical_Willie It wouldn’t surprise me if there is some money hidden, but when I heard the OP’s story on another Q my stereotype went to this guy not being the type to sock away money. My stereotype assumption could be wrong of course.

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