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What does ))) mean in texting?

Asked by Inspired_2write (4687points) August 29th, 2014

Cannot seem to locate the meaning of three )))

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Do you mean :)))? It is similar to LOL, a big smile/laugh.

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Slip of the finger!!!!

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Uncontrollable hilarity. )))) means you need an EMT.

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Why not just ask the person who sent it?

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It means that the being who sent the text is smiling with 3 of its mouths.

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Not sure… there are no defined rules of emoticons. I think most are open to interpretation. But my guess would be a big grin or laughing smile.

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Assuming it was preceded by a colon, this:


means a much bigger smile than this:


However, I’ve always thought it was a very poor way of expressing a big smile, since we already have this:


to indicate a big smile. By contrast, the two extra brackets make it look like it’s a regular smile, but with multiple chins, as if the smiling person were seriously overweight.

As such, the smiley with multiple brackets is as big a fail as when people put in extra hard consonants when they are trying to indicate that they are stretching out the word for emphasis. So, if they mean to say:




which tries to express in print what one might say out loud, but they instead write:


this does not produce the desired result at all. How do you even pronounce that? Silly.

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Or the extended use of punctuation to express an inability to lift one’s finger off the keyboard.


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I have eaten three slices of your watermelon.

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