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Married couples, and lets be honest now who knows the other person better you or your spouse?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (13360points) August 29th, 2014

Sure you get to know your spouse really well over time.
But who knows the other just a bit better?
Mrs Squeeky can read me like a book, and she still can surprise the hell out of me from time to time.
So what is it, is it you, or them?

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I think I know her better than she knows me or perhaps it is that I think of her likes, wants and needs more than she does mine.

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I’m not married yet, but my fiance definitely without a doubt knows me better than I know her. Sometimes it feels like she knows things I don’t know about myself….

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My mom knows my dad more than he does to her (and maybe himself too). She knows all his strengths and weaknesses and only asks him to do things suitabe for him. Meanwhile he always thinks she underestimates him and wants to do more, and in the end mom is usually right.

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Not sure, I know she thinks she does.
We both retain an element of unpredictability though, which is essential in my book.

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I’m not married but I know my girlfriend very well. A lot better than she knows me. I’m pretty aware of stuff though. She’s more oblivious.

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Hmmm, I don’t know. After twenty-five years, I’d like to think it’s pretty evenly matched, but I’m not sure.

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I think he knows me better if I have to choose, but we both surprise each other still after 21 years of marriage.

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We’re both pretty simplistic and easy-going, but I’m more open about my past and opinions; so he probably knows me better than I know him.

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I think I know him better than he knows me…or even knows himself.

Let me ask him this question! Shit just got real!

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He said, “I think we’re pretty evenly matched,” which means he didn’t even give the question a second thought. sigh

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I think it’s pretty even. Though I think he remembers little details about my life better than I do of his.

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He knows me much better than I know him.

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I’ve been divorced for a long time now, but, in my 22 year marriage it was me that knew my ex better than he even knew himself. Of course being a bight woman with a background in psychology, well, he was at a disadvantage. Basically I was married to a latent 15 year old until he was 43, when I finally threw the baby out with bathwater. lol

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HE says he knows me better because I’m predictable lol. I’m a good girl so it’s probably true.

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I can’t be sure. Tough question.

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