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I had a dream my friend suicided, what does this mean?

Asked by lugerruger (785points) August 30th, 2014

I had a dream one night that my friend suicided, it was so realistic. When I woke up I was softly crying. I don’t remember much of it except that I was at school, my friend wasn’t there and my teacher had said, “It is sad when a best friend goes.” Or something like that. I was crying my hear out (in my dream) There were a few people I remember being there, those people being the following. My other friend, my crush, this other person I hate, that’s all I can remember.

I didn’t realise my friend had suicided in my dream till after my dream, what I want to know is what does all this mean? It was so realistic I sent an email to my friend asking them if they were okay, and if they were at all hurt. Please help me!

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It means you don’t want to lose your friend. Don’t worry so much, it’s just a dream. I have similar dreams from time to time and so far nothing bad has happened.

I don’t deny that there are future predicting dreams, but they are very rare :)

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wow, that was quick. thanks a lot, you have really unworried me… If that is a word

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Just try to help. And welcome to Fluther :)

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It can mean many things. Some possibilities are:

You are depressed.

You are concerned about losing your friend.

You heard about a suicide and dreamt about it happening to your friend.

You are concerned about loss of something or some one and in your dream it happened to your friend.

By the way, in English we say my friend committed suicide, we don’t say suicided.

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And it’s “I’m no longer worried,” not “You unworried me.” Welcome to Fluther but we’re picky about that kind of stuff. Hope GailCalled doesn’t see this!

I’ve had some horrific dreams in the past, involving my kids and stuff. As @Mimishu1995 said, “They’re just dreams.” Thank God.

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It could also mean that you should value your friends as they can go at anytime.

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You have been thinking about your friend and suicides, possibly, in general. Your sleeping brain just put them into the same place at the same time, or so you think. It doesn’t mean your friend is/might/contemplates taking their own life.

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Thanks for all the help everyone! Sorry about my bad English, I wasn’t really thinking and I was tired… I will still tell my friend, just in case of anything. I do really value her, she is one of my best friends!

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