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How does PMS-CETIRZINE 20 MG , and TEVA-BETAHISTINE 16MG help with dizzy spells?

Asked by talljasperman (21734points) August 30th, 2014

I have dizzy spells when I stand up and now its gotten worse. It hits me when lying down. It is disconcerting and uncomfortable. I was told I had a problem with the water in my inner ear. Do you have any better suggestion on how to get rid of my vertigo?

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Betahistine seems to suppress the stimulation that the inner ear sends to the brain, so that a dysfunctional inner ear won’t be able to send as many faulty messages to the brain. This is only effective if it is truly an inner ear disorder causing your symptoms. If you are taking it as directd and not noticing improvement, than you need further evaluation.

Cetirizine is known as Zyrtec here in the US, and it is an antihistamine for skin and nasal allergies. Perhaps the person prescribing it suspects allergies as a contributing factor.

Evaluating vertigo is sometimes a process of elimination. There are so many potential contributors that it is rarely one clear cause. If you don“t already have a follow-up visit scheduled, call to set one up soon.

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Have they ruled out positional vertigo? Did they try triggerring your vertigo by lying you down and turning your head to the side about 45 degrees?

Is the dizziness constant, or does it go away within about 30 seconds if you just deal with the discomfort of the spinning.

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I had bouts of vertigo (Ménière’s disease) many years ago. I cut out sodium nitrate and have been symptom-free since. Man, I miss bacon!'s_disease

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@RocketGuy That is big price to pay. Lol. My MIL cut out chocolate and almost never gets a migraine after suffering years with regular episodes almost monthly.

We need to know the cause of the OP’s vertigo.

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I did a design-of-experiments with my food, since I consistently got symptoms 5 hr after an offending meal. One meal with A, but not B. One with B, but not C, etc. Kind of like playing Mastermind:

The clincher for me was baked potato with extra bacon – knocked me down good 5 hr later.

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