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Is it alright to flirt with guys?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2129points) August 31st, 2014

Would you suggest flirting in a decent way is something that can be performed without any complications?
Is it through flirting that we can identify the one that its our choice ?
What kind of guys are better as possible dates? those who are receptive of flirt attempts made by gals , those who can’t stand them, or those who are the initiators of the flirtatious talks?
Please say something!

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Yes, it is alright to flirt with guys. But flirting is not to choose a mate, nor is it to tease guys into wanting you and then denying them. Flirting is a form of play, nothing more, nothing less.

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It’s a way to communicate with people you consider possible dates or even partners sometimes.. You shouldn’t be asking if it’s alright, of course it is! Except if you are married or something, then it’s um… rude?
I usually flirt with guys I don’t even like, just to see their reactions, check what works best in most cases.. It’s practicing so that you won’t be too nervous when you’ll meet someone you’ll like and want to get his attention. Or at least that’s how I see it :)

(Sometimes I even keep notes, some reactions are so funny :p)

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Even at my aged age, I flirt a lot with the most unlikely people. Everyone gets a kick out of it; my lawnmower crew, my UPS guy, the manager of the food coop, and me. It says that if we were both 30 years younger and single, how about it?

(all right and not alright. It (alright) is used widely but still considered nonstandard, if anyone is interested.)

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There’s harmless flirting and then there’s serious flirting. The first is usually okay, unless the person you’re flirting with is with someone. Then it’s inappropriate.

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I think flirting is a healthy pastime. It helps to keep us young. The only danger is when the person on the receiving end is unaware of your intentions. If they, either because you misled them or because they have assumed incorrectly, think the flirting will lead to something or somewhere that is beyond your intentions. Then people can get hurt. So as long as everyone is on the same page, flirt away.

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