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What could be wrong ?

Asked by stuart_jacobs (25points) August 31st, 2014

I’m a 17 year old Male ! Reasonably active , and I’ve realized that I get short breaths ! Other night it was so bad I actually start to panic ! My eyelids aren’t pale , so I’m not anemic ! And I still do my daily exercise and I feel fine ! But when I have to sleep or relax ! I get short breaths I am always tired and tend to only fall asleep long after laying down !

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Have you asked a doctor about this?

If you want the internet to diagnosis this I will save you the time and just tell you that you have cancer.

Really, see the doctor. If you don’t have access to one ask about how to get access to one instead. We can help with that.

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No I haven’t had time to go to the doc yet ! I was adopted so I don’t know any illness that could have been passed down ! But will get checked up soon thanks !

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What are short breaths?

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I have a friend that is a doctor that I just contacted. He said that it would be best to have some blood-work done to see if anything is off there.

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Do not trust internet websites to diagnose you. Please see a doctor. It could be something easily fixed and you would have suffered needlessly. Let us know what happens.

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Yes , will need diagnosis from professional ! Thanks a mil , will do .x

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The surfeit of exclamation marks gives the impression that you might be somewhat excitable. Do you suffer from panic attacks?

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Yes , had one during this week ! Why?

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But only started having panic attacks when I first started having short breaths

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Do you mean that you are experiencing shortness of breath?

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Yes as it states in my discription !

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Sounds like anxiety to me. Go to a doc anyway though, we can’t really help with this. There used to be a few docs on here but they have been inactive for some time. This happens to me when I’m anxious, even if I don’t realize it’s just anxiety. I’ll hold my breath a little bit, exhale and repeat and it usually restores my breathing.

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Check your thyroid. Simple blood test.

Is your resting heart rate low? Blood pressure high?

A doctor can do some quick blood tests, and EKG, and listen to your heart and lungs.

If you have been worried about something that might be causing the panic if that is the problem. You need to rule some things out.

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See a doctor, period. May be a minor problem or even nothing at all, but why worry, and why seek advice from non-professionals no matter how well-intentioned they are?

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