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How can I delete linked email addresses in Gmail?

Asked by gunther (169points) September 1st, 2014

Ok… I’m not really sure if “linked email addresses” is the proper term. In Gmail, if I go to the upper right corner where my email address is and click on it, there are two options at the bottom: “Add account” and “Sign out.”

I did the “add account” thing and added two of my other gmail addresses. Now they are always listed there, and I want to remove them from the list.

How can I remove them?

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Not 100% sure this is what you’re referring to, but I think if you click on the gear wheel (under that right-hand corner icon), select Settings, then go to the Accounts and Import tab, there should be an option to remove each other address.

Be aware, however, that this could prevent you from accessing mail from those email addresses via your primary account. You should still be able to access each one separately (I think!). You may want to do a bit more research about this before proceeding – perhaps on Google forums.

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