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Songs that say "it's over" but not in a hateful way?

Asked by bluish (498points) September 1st, 2014

….but not pop stuff.

My ex just sent me this and I don’t want to write the longest email ever explaining him that I can’t go back, but it’s not that I don’t love him. I love him as a friend, or a brother with huge problems. I’ve told him that yes we can be friends, but not now. He keeps calling every fucking day. Three or four times. I answer once a week or so. It’s sad, really. It was a very good relationship at first, then things got awful and then colder than the ice age.

So.. I want to answer with a song that says it’s over, I won’t change my mind but no I don’t hate you. Or something.

Oh hell, now he’s texting me

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Blunt but not mean – Boz Scaggs’ It’s Over.

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Wonderful old Irving Berlin song called The Song Is Ended But the Melody Lingers On, sung by—who else?—Frank Sinatra.

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@Pachy Great lyrics but it’s too.. I’m saying I miss him.

@Adirondackwannabe Close enough…

I’m thinking about When All Is Said And Done by Firewind. But it’s kind of ironic since he introduced me to them and we’ve even fought about them. Should I send that or not?

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Or maybe Opeth’s Ending Credits? The title sends a certain message and the music says more than words would… Still not sure though.

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A personal favourite: Cactus Tree by Joni Mitchell

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@dappled_leaves Wow that’s a good song indeed. But it seems to me that he would send me something like this..

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@bluish Well, the song is saying that specific men love her and want her to stay – while she’s choosing to be free, to live her life as she wants. She won’t be caught or tied down.

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@dappled_leaves I get the meaning and it’s close to what happened but the man described in the song seems like someone who is perfect and the woman seems sad in the end. I liked it as a song though, thanks :)

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@bluish Ah. Each verse is a different man, so it’s kind of more like saying “It’s not you, it’s me”. ;)

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FReebird by Skynrd. My personal song to every man except my husband who holds on loosely.

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No regrets – captures the hollow feeling even though you want it to end.

I don’t love you anymore. – says it all.

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Although Fat Bottom Girls might also work.

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I might add Another One Bites the Dust by Queen, too.
I love this question!

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“I’m gonna come to your house on the back of a horse.

With a bunch of villagers carrying torches…

Why would I want to stay friends?

Rather get raped by clowns again…”

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the song you posted has pop structure just fyi!

Do you count Usher-Let It Burn as pop? That sounds about goodbye

Or JAGGED EDGE-goodbye

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How about This one from Harry Nilsson. Actually, he wrote it, this is a version by Dawn Landes

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I wouldn’t start song pong.

Just don’t respond or respond saying something akin to:

Thank you for your video clip.

I’m happy to see you learned from our relationship and hope this means you are better prepared for your next one, with your next partner.

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@dappled_leaves I didn’t get that, thanks!

@whitenoise Song pong? Hahah it sounds so funny (and would be a great game, I think)

Okaaay thank you all for your answers :)——I actually sent Ending Credits..——

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For The Good Times by Kris Kristofferson. Although it’s usually considered country, it’s one of those songs that crosses the lines.

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