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Safe to take Pure Compounded Hydrocodone Bitartrate, which was filled on 10/08/12, and expired on 02/06/13? NO Preservatives!

Asked by Luciensmom (4points) September 1st, 2014

I just found a full bottle of a compounded prescription that I still currently take and pay $225 a month for. Don’t know how I managed to misplace it, but there was a few months I wasn’t getting it filled every month awhile ago. It is pure (no aceteminephen), 8.5 mg Hydrocodone Bitartrate, made at the compounding pharmacy, which means NO Preservatives, they normally put a 4–6 month expiration date on the bottle, if these are not still safe, it is $225 lost. UPDATE: I misread the label, not much difference. It was filled 10/08/12, and says discard after 02/06/13!!

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