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Girls any tips for how a guy can tell his best friend he's in love with her?

Asked by jimmy1014 (23points) July 8th, 2008 from iPhone

need some ideas:) I’m gonna do it:)

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It’s a girl, that is your best friend and you want to tell her you love her?

The reality of how you chose to deal with this is: what do you think she feels? Do you know if she could possibly have the same type of feelings for you?

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well I think she does so it needs to be as romantic as possible:)

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the best way is to hang out with her as much as possible…your relationship will develop like kodak film.

when you hang out, make sure that most of the time it is just the both of you or one of her friends…she will get the picture without you telling her anything. The best situation is if her friend is your best friend and he is ugly or gay. you will have her, oh yes you will have her.

if she doesn’t like you she won’t go out unless your in a big group.

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So you are looking for a fantastically great idea eh????

Well, what do you like to do? Is there anything that she likes to do? Maybe a scavenger type hunt… write down clues that will lead her throughout your house or place where they won’t be moved or disrupted.

As she follows the clues give her little compliments and point out the things you love about her, leading her to the next clue…

The final clue should lead her to the note that says something to the effect that you have fallen for her…

If she feels the same it will be great because she will keep those clues and notes forever!

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hey that’s good but it could get weird if like her parents are home or her little brother haha n idk how I’d get in the house but thanks:D do you have any other amazing ideas? She told me once that what she loves most about our friendship is our humor..

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no ideas, but i wish you the best of luck! :)
it’s a brave move.

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Send her this link.

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Try to incorporate your feelings and “statement” into something you both enjoy doing together.

A simple card could work. There are a lot of cards out there.

Whatever you do (not sure how old you are) don’t get drunk, eat a bunch of onions, try to kiss her and ask her to marry you! (happened to me.)

Make sure that you pull her aside, make it special. It should be just the two of you in a controlled environment. Be humorous but you must still be sincere or she may not take you seriously.

If you know her little brother you could get him in on the action with you… if he’s a cool kid. You could do the scavenger hunt thing… Just some ideas!

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haha yeah I may actually do that thanks! You rock! Oh and I’m 17 haha

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saying i love you to your best friend is not a good idea unless you are starting to hold hands and kissing. work on the physical part of the relationship first before you drop the i love yous.

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yeah I thought about that too but its okay cause we hold hands and we cuddle and we kiss eachother goodnight:)

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I think you might be placing to much importance on the words. Telling someone that you love them is one of those things you shouldn’t have to think about.

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Well I’m glad you made a decision. Just do whatever feels right. You could take her for a walk along the beach or something, or a moonlit stroll, that’s always romantic.

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So what happened??? Did you tell her? What was her response?

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I think we all know what happened….he is not on fluther so must be very busy with the girl…happy ending hehe

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We are happily crazy in love I’m gonna marry this girl:)

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